After Woman, flowers are the most lovely thing God has given the world.

– Dior

Sometimes as pretty as the moon, sometimes as lovely as a Lotus. At times beautiful as a garden and on the other, as mesmerizing as a butterfly. The similes would continue trying to picturesque the beauty of a woman.

We came into existence to admire woman and womanhood and support her in every direction. We release contents that cover everything woman, and you will surely find something (actually many things!) that will tickle your fancy.

Who are we?

We are no extraordinary people, but our posts are going to be extraordinarily helpful for the ladies out there.

In fact, we are just a group of passionate curators, dedicatedly creating contents covering every topic from “Good morning” to “Good Night.”

The impetus behind our existence

Because leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality, we find ourselves lucky because we are lead by a woman whose vision and mission is the impetus behind our existence.

Our powerhouse

Mrikula Shetty, a woman as beautiful as her dreams, aspired to create a blog that would cover every topic surrounding the life of a woman.

Being a student of literature, she has read a lot, traveled even more and now wants to put them into use through her blog.

Fashion, Accessories, Lifestyle, Makeup, Wellness, Woman empowerment are among the few principal topics covered by us in here, at Gang of She.

From the editor’s desk

Hello, there.

Welcoming you to our website makes me uncomfortable. A place that’s mainly dedicated to you is your own. So no welcome and no formality, as I am so grateful, you are here!

With a vision and mission of supporting woman coupled with my love for art and reading, I decided to start this blog. After reading avidly and traveling substantially, I realized the power of the pen, that is much mightier than the sword.

Not only this blog will provide you readers will essential daily life tips and tricks that are easy to perform yet highly effective, but sometimes you will find content that will home the woman in you, who is more matured than the woman you are!

From teenage tantrums to those unending feminine stuff, we have got them covered!

Fashion, Lifestyle, Wellness till Motivational and literary, Gang of She genuinely is a gang every woman needs to be a part of.

Earnestly waiting for your review and suggestions as living up to your expectations is the only way we can be a part of your life and you ours.

Thank you for being a part of our Gang.

Celebrating Womanhood

Mrikula Shetty

Founder and Editor (gangofshe.com)