10+ Activewear & Workout Clothes Ideas for Plus Size

The huge variety you can find in chic plus-size workout clothing now; is evidence of the changing game of the fitness world. Similar to extremely thin women plus size women also have to be a little extra conscious about their wearable attire. We need to try out multiple options before finding that perfect fit for Activewear for the gym.

Years before plus size women were using men’s gym clothing as most Activewears were available till XL size only. Thanks to brands like Nola, Nike, Livi Active, and designers who acknowledge the issue and come forward with an extensive range of activewear for plus-size women.

Different types of active wear for Plus size

Gym clothing is not just about fitted pants and comfortable tops but much more than that. A well-designed and well-fitted Activewear certainly uplifts your spirit during the workout session.

To help you out, we decided to cover some of the different activewear ideas for plus size. Let’s start with the first one:

High waist fitness pants for Plus size

Perfect high-rise gym pants are supposed to sit around 3” higher from your navel. They provide support to your calf, thighs, and hips. It must have a firm hold around your waist and should be slip-proof. Trustworthy brands for performance tights are sweaty betty, Nike, Lululemon.

high waist fitness pants for plus size

Key points
Use viscose and mesh material for high waist fitness pants, stretch sweat-wicking and anti-odor
the fabric keeps you feel dry and fresh all day. These are perfect for the exercise/ gym.

Tight fit Capri for Plus size

A Capri is shorter than legging it mostly till mid calves, these flatters your figure and enhances your curves “Just my size” and “Culture fit” both brands have Tight fit Capri`s with nice stretch and an extensive range of colors and designs.

Tight fit Capri’s for Plus siz

Key points
A combination of polyester and Elastane, Nylon, and Lycra Blend is also a good fabric for capris.
Comfortable support and a simple style. The stretchy fabric feels soft against your skin as you flow through your practice.

Solid Tights for Plus size

Solid tights are similar to leggings and are available in bright colors from XXS to 6XL. Girlified collective has a beautiful collection with superior elasticized waistbands and pockets. The fabric created by recycling the wastewater bottles is extremely smooth and does not crumple.

leggigs 5

Key points
Use spandex material for solid tights, because of its elasticity it fits in every size. It is durable and due to its nature, it is the best one for gym workouts.

Super sculpt legging for Plus Size

As the name suggests these leggings compress your muscles and give support to create a toned look to the body. The brand sweaty betty has come up with hips sculpting leggings. Choose your legging with a high waist and pockets, and flaunt your curves.

Super sculpt legging for Plus Size

Key points
Polyester and spandex is good fabric material for abstract print legging. This is a definite must-have for a sporty look.

Yoga pants for Plus size

You’ll want your yoga pants to fit well, feel comfy. Yoga pants’ purpose is not only to be comfortable and easy but to move around in. Fashionable plus functional activewear by Fabletics is available in XXS to 4XL

Yoga pants

Key Points
Lycra Blend, a kind of synthetic fabric and combination of polyester and polyurethane, is stretchy and elastic in nature. Fit for every dimension of women.

Tank top for Plus size

A tight and stretchable T-Shirt without sleeves is all you want for a relaxing workout routine. It is versatile wear and not just restricted to gym wear. Day Won has really cool collection in the tank.

Tank top for Plus size

Key Points
You can easily find creative digitally printed logos that are water-resistant and tanks made up of antimicrobial with sweat-wicking fabric.

Polo-shirt for Plus size

Form of shirt with a color, a placket neckline with two or three buttons. These are short-sleeved. It goes well with solid tights.

Polo-shirt for Plus size

Key Points
Finished with the best quality blend of polyester and elastane to feel comfortable while doing the workout. It has stretchability.

Sports Bra for Plus size

Sports bras are the most trending choice in activewear for plus-size ladies. Superfit Hero gives you access to activewear ranging from XS to 5XL size. Double-lined support and silk soft fabric keep the body odor away and give a relaxing feel.

Sports Bra for Plus siz

Key Points
Antimicrobial fabric for skin to give a cool feel. Actionable and comfortable both, tranquil by its personality.

Power Bra for Plus size

PPF (Posture Performance Recovery) is a must-buy for those who have a bad stance. “Formewear” is the brand that has the best collection of Power Bra, leggings, and t-shirt.

Power Bra for Plus size

Key Points
Here is the collection which is not only for gym wear but a complete system to correct the realignment of your muscles and provide support to your joints.

Shorts for Plus size

Shorts are also a good option for activewear for plus-size ladies. Shorts are available in various types like bike stretch shorts, running shorts, gym shorts, and many more.

Shorts for Plus size

Key Points
Polyester and cotton stuff is good as activewear for plus-size ladies. One is quick to dry and the other is much breathable. Polyester is much easy to clean in comparatively.

Accessories for Gym

Socks for plus size

Socks are an important accessory for your workout and also an essential part of activewear. You can match up socks pair with your activewear dress. Choose wisely coz if your feet will feel comfortable your whole body becomes consistent.

There are different varieties of socks that plus-size ladies can style with their activewear dresses.

No show sock for plus size

These are absolutely suitable for plus-size ladies as activewear. Make sure to consider the shoe type before picking the fabric of your no-show socks. To create a style statement with a pair of socks that is easy to fit into your feet without showing extra fabric.


  • Cotton is comfortable material to use and easy to wash.
  • Cotton with polyester blend is sweat absorbing fabric.
  • Spandex is most excellent form of elasticity.

Short Socks for Plus Size

Short socks are also called quarter-length socks. It also matches perfectly with your short gym wear. Easley available in all sizes, again the key is to pick the accurate size for yourself.


  • Combed cotton. Mesh technology in the top elastic band.
  • Pick one with extra strength in toe and heel for comfort.
  • Nylon, breathable so you can keep cool and stylish without sacrificing comfort.

Knee sock for Plus size

As the name suggests these socks touch almost your knee. This one looks fabulous with short skirts. Pick compression socks in your perfect size to match up to it with gym wear outfits.


  • Lycra fabric is flexible and elastic by its form.
  • Compression socks are helpful in muscles fatigue

Running Socks for Plus Size

Running socks are covered with cushions from the ankle which enhances the comfort and supports you while running. Large to wide calf size calf is available you need to pick the correct size for yourself.


  • Moisture-wicking fabrics are good for running.
  • Acrylic is a good kind of fabric used for running socks.
  • Polyester also called a synthetic textile fabric.

Micro Socks for Plus size

To exercise with ease and be relaxed throughout your workout session these socks are very convenient. These types of Socks have a light cushion and provide good performance.

Distinctive fashionable and utmost comfortable activewear for a plus-size woman is definitely her best buddy for the gym. Consider these features when buying quality activewear depending on the intensity of your workout: flattering fit, moisture-wicking, lightweight, breathable fabric, hidden key pockets, long-term firm grips, stretchy fabric, and the dry fit.

Share with us your idea of a perfect gym look in the comment section.

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