DIY 10 Amazing & Unique Halloween Party Costume Ideas

Is Halloween the last day of October, then answer is Yes! And we already heading toward Halloween 2021.

On Halloween, people do various activities that include trick or treat, light bonfires, playing pranks, divination games, visit the haunted attractions, carving pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns, tell kids scary stories and watch horror movies.

DIY 10 Unique Halloween costume Idea

Apart from that, one of the popular Halloween activities is attending Halloween costume parties. As we have already reached midway of October, that means it’s the time when you should start preparing for the Halloween costume that you’re going to wear on that scariest day of the year.

In case, you want to do a different look this Halloween without putting pressure on your wallet, then you landed on the right page.

Unique Halloween costume Idea

Since different people have different tastes and interests, some want to create scary costumes, while others want to look funny on this special occasion.

No matter what is your type, we decided to cover some of the unique DIY Halloween costumes that you can design yourself at home. Let’s start with the first one in the list:

DIY Bat Halloween Costumes

Stuff Required:

  • Black fabric.
  • Black Dress.
  • Glue.
  • Face mask

How to Create:


  1. First thing first; stretch out your arms from right to left and measure yourself lengthwise and widthwise depending on how big or small wings you want to make.
  2. Cut the fabric according to measurements (you get a rectangle shape) and fold it in half. Make a small fold (Refer to #2 “C” in image) it is to slide your arms.
  3. Moving further (referring to #3 in image) below cut a semi-circle to create the neck back from the folded side of fabric.
  4. Cut the wings into a zigzag or slightly circle shape (Refer to 4) .

Stich or glue the arms (Refer to 2 “C” in image) and bat wings for your costume are ready.


Put on your skinny back attire and put on the wings here is your DIY Halloween bat wings are ready.


Take a black headband or wrap black fabric with the help of glue on any headband.

Using a black chart of 4 to 5 inches cut two equal triangle shapes, slightly circular shapes towards the upside (as shown in the image below) to form the ear shape.

Now make an inch cut at the bottom left and right corner of each triangle.

Batman ear

Fold the trimmed edges over and secure them with glue; it will create an ear shape. Stich/Glue the ears on the headband.


Let’s keep it simple, take a print of batman mask shape or you can draw it on a crafting foam, cut accordingly. Punch two holes on each side and glue the elastic strap. Mask is ready.


DIY Gauzy Ghost Halloween Costumes

Stuff required:

  • White fabric
  • White Stocking
  • Black Marker
  • Cezior

How to Create:


  1. Put on your white dress (necessarily legging). Cover yourself with a wide white fabric placing the center of fabric on your head.
  2. Mark the dots to make eye holes to see through on the fabric.
  3. Cut the holes on fabric and hightlight with a black thick marker and draw mouth.
  4. Make sure to keep the fabric of acurate lenght to ease your walk.

To create a dramatic look you can fringe the fabric all around. Put on long nails painted in black or black gloves and black eyeshadow to give a deep dark look to the eyes.

Plastic rope or Chain

Hang the chain or rope, out of your dress.

ghost costume diy2

DIY Sea Anemone Halloween Costume

Stuff required:

  • 260q Balloons
  • A circular shape ring wide enouhg to fit you in.
  • Glue Gum
  • Toy fish

How to create:

  1. Start sticking or tie the inflated ballons to the circle (you may use old laundry basket cutout for this). Upwards downwards or crisscross any thing will do.
  2. Once you done with sticking the ballons add two ribbons to hang the circle with your shouldres.
  3. Wear a cap and fix bath toy fish on it.
DIY Sea Anemone Halloween Costume

DIY Cloud and Rainbow Halloween Costume

Stuff required:

  • Pool noodles
  • Tulle fabric
  • Some Zip ties
  • Artificial white fur
  • Some fabric Strips

How to create

This one may look amazing on your little one.

  1. Take seven rainbow colors pool noodles and with the help of zip-ties adjust them into semi-circle.
  2. Add fur on the left and right edges of the semi-circle.
  3. Add two fabric strips in mid of the rainbow so that you can easily hang them onto your shoulder.
  4. Lots of cotton or fur on an umbrella and cloud is ready.
DIY Cloud and Rainbow Halloween Costume

DIY Flower Pot Halloween Costume

Stuff required:

  • Plastic flower pot
  • Strips to hang flower pot
  • Tape/ Glue
  • Flowers

How to Create:

  1. Take a big plastic flower pot or basket, cut its base so that you can easily fit into it.
  2. Lodge some smooth fabric strips on both sides of the pot so that you can easily hang it onto your shoulder.
  3. After that stick or tape some different kinds of flowers inside flower pot. See the style you want is ready.
  4. Additionally you can stick some flowers to a haedband and put it on.
  5. Take a watercan in hand and click your complete costume picture.
DIY Flower Pot Halloween Costume

DIY Vintage Clown Halloween Costume

Stuff required:

  • Linen dress
  • Yarn
  • Foam cone-shaped tool
  • Cloth strips
  • Glue gun

How to create

  1. Wear a light coloured linen dress and black stocking.
  2. Glue 2 or 3 pom-pom on your dress.
  3. Make two messy bun and keep the hair look dry by teasing the ends of hair.
  4. Put on gentle white face paint to create the base of vintage clown makup .
  5. Dark black shaddow to craete hallow look of eyes and use blood red lip color.
  6. Out line the lips with marron or a shade darker lip color.
  7. Craese out a curvy line from the corner of your lips towards eyes.
  8. Create the two standing lines on forhead including the eyebrows.
  9. Use a brush to highlight nose tip with dark red color.
  10. Put on your clown ruff and give that wide simle with widly open eyes with a deadly stair. YOUR LOOK IS COMPLETE
DIY Vintage Clown Halloween Costume

DIY Quick Halloween Costumes:

We can design some Halloween costumes at home in less time by using some household things and waste material like carton boxes, rough paper sheets, ribbons, etc. Below it is:

DIY Hot Air Balloon Halloween Costume

Stuff required:

  • Hot air Balloons
  • Glue
  • Carton box (Square or round)
  • Colorful bondage rope
  • Ruff paper strips/Ribbons

How to create:

  1. Take a carton box and fold the top and bottom flaps inside and tape with the help of wide tape.
  2. Blow balloons and tuck them with the help of colorful ribbons to the carton box.
  3. If you opt to use big ballon use colorful thick rope to create a mesh and fix the ballon in it.
  4. Stick some stickers onto that carton box and add some rough paper strips or ribbon on the balloon to decorate your Hot Air Balloon gracefully.
DIY Hot Air Balloon Halloween Costume

DIY Cat Style Halloween Costume

Stuff required:

  • Turtle Neck 
  • Headband
  • Pipe cleaner
  • Paper
  • Gloves
  • Net fabric
  • Glue                     

How to create:

  1. Put on your black ruffle skirt or legging with turtle neck.
  2. Wear gloves to match up your dress.
  3. Hem a pipe cleaner tail around your dress.
  4. Use the black brow pencil for meow makeup. Paint a cute little nose also.
DIY Cat Style Halloween Costume


  1. Take a black headband or glue black paper around any colored headband.
  2. Use black chart or fur fabric to make ears and glue on headband.
  3. Use this printable image to trace or print the cat ear and mouth shape.
Cat  ear printable Halloween Costume

Yet finding it difficult or no time to create cat ears and headband, here you can buy at amazon using this link price $8.99.

DIY Emoji Halloween Costume

Stuff required:

  • Carton box
  • Yellow chart
  • Paint
  • Glue

How to create:

  1. Cut the carton into circlular shape for both sides, likewise the charts also.
  2. Stick yellow charts or spray yellow paint on it to create the base of your haloween costume.
  3. Draw the emoji feature on it or you can use charts cut outs like red to make heart shaped eyes , black to make specks, or brows, blue for drops etc.
  4. Attach the strings to hang your haloween costume on shoulders.

If still looking for more quick Halloween costume ideas, you must check out this Animal Stitch Onesie from this link price $29.99

DIY Emoji Halloween Costume

Stuff Required

  • Colored poster board
  • Strip tape, regular tape
  • String
  • Printer
  • Paper
  • Cutter, pencil

How to create

  1. Cutout two poster boards in equal rectanglular shape.
  2. Paste colored chart or paint your favorite shade to create the pantone Color shadecard.
  3. Leaving the base white to write the shade card number at the bottom.
  4. Joint both poster boards strips on the top of the hollow poster board. Furnish it according to your taste.
DIY Pantone Color Card Halloween Costume

DIY Shooting Star Halloween Costume

Stuff required:

  • Golden or Sliver glitter sheets
  • Foam poster board
  • Cutter
  • Glue
  • Pencil
  • Tape

How to Create:

  1. Draw two similar big star pattern to stick on your torso from the carton and glue the gliter sheets according to that pattern.
  2. Join both star shapes using golden strings so you can hang on shoulders.
  3. Cut out the foam poster board into 5 point star shape.
  4. Keep headband on any spoke of the star and trace the curve of it and cut the curvy shape.
  5. Glue the star on golden headband from the curve you cut.
  6. If this halloween costume is for a kid then cut a hole in the middle of the star (one cardboard sheet star shape) so that kids head and face go through easily.
  7. Use tape to cover the harsh edges.
  8. Take skin color stocking and trim the toe. Attach silver golden ribbion with the help of glue gun.

Put on a silver or golden dress and hang the star on the shoulder. Use the stocking cutout as arm gloves, Put on a star headband. Complete look with golden glittery makeup.

DIY Shooting Star Halloween Costume

Creepy Doll Costume

Stuff required

  • Attire
  • Makeup kit
  1. You simply need a frock of your choice.
  2. Then you have to put effort on face make up.
  3. Choose a foundation that give you pale or create gray for base for skin.
  4. Put on dark eyeshaow to create scary dark eyes and white eyeliner on lower lids.
  5. You can try white or red contact lense.
  6. Wear red lipstick and create few crisscross stiches shape around lips and dripping blood dots.
Creepy Doll makeup and Costume

Every festival has its own vibe. Create the ambiance for it and get dressed up in your favorite Halloween Costume. Feel the character you choose and use Instagram filters to add more life to your costume character.

Love laugh and eat sweets enjoy! Share your best Halloween moment with us under the comment section. We are eager to hear from you.

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