Does He Love Me? 10 Signs to Tell if Cupid has Struck Right!

Does he love me? This is what you want to confirm? The blog post has possible signs that you can compare to find out if Cupid has struck right.

Does He Love Me

Love is the force that is perhaps keeping the world intact. There is a foundation of love around everything we see. And when it comes to romantic Love, it is vital to be able to choose the right partner.

In this ‘Speed’ centric world of ours, it becomes increasingly difficult to choose the better half as most of the relationships are based on instant attraction and which eventually ends as fast it began…. In case you are indecisive regarding your relationship with Him or you don’t know if He is THE ONE then read on the expert revalued signs to be sure of it.

Does He Love Me? Question Answered!

But before you analyze him, the first step should be to examine your thought pattern first: It is effortless to judge others at face value, and it is as much difficult to judge oneself. Before you want to jump to a conclusion about your relationship with him, first judge your thought pattern and whether he matches up to your mindset or not. Then only reading the signs would help.

And if you feel you are ready to accept another being with some flaws then rest assured that the signs would help.

I bet the following signs will answer your question, i.e., Does he love me? Here goes the first sign:

1. Treats you differently in Public, explicitly!

If he is genuinely interested in you, then he would intentionally show signs to make you feel wanted. That’s the secret of attracting the partner.

2. Lauds you with compliments always

Whether you are in your best attire or not, if he loves you then he would make it a point to TELL it every time he sees you. Every single time!

3. It’s all about you when you’re together 

If he is very interested in your likes and fancies and talks about it often, then again its a sign that he is very interested in a future with you.

4. He is Sensitive to your little needs

Love brings with it a sense of responsibility and if the guy you are dating is very generous with your needs, then Bingo! He loves you, and it’s not a temporary attraction.

5. He Introduces you to his family

If he loves you, then he would always want to introduce you to his family and at the same time would like to know yours.

6. He never hesitates to apologize

If the guy loves you, then he will own up his mistakes without any hint of his Ego. It is a sign that he trusts you.

7. He opinion always matters 

If he loves you, then he would never thrust his likes or dislikes on you and always ask your opinion for the all the things you do together.

8. He respects you at all times

This means that he is cautious with his attitude towards you when you are in public. If he doesn’t shout at you or say nothing means things to you in public if he loves you.

9. He is always honest about himself

If a guy loves you honestly, then he will always show you his real self (with all flaws) and not pretend to be a ‘fairy-tale- hero.’ And definitely, never make fake promises.

10. Your convenience is mostly the priority

If he loves you, he would want to spend the rest of his life with you. Therefore if you are his priority when he is making any essential plans regarding his future then know for sure that his love for you is strong and dedicated.

If your partner shows all these signs, then grab him forever and never let him go. We hope your question “Does he love me” is answered now.

Would you like to share your personal opinions on this list? You’re welcome to share it in the comments.

Mrikula Shetty
Mrikula Shetty, a woman as beautiful as her dreams, aspired to create a blog that would cover every topic surrounding the life of a woman.

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