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How to Get Vaseline Out of Your Hair – 7 DIY Methods in 2020


There is hardly anyone of you who have never dealt with Vaseline. Undoubtedly the most useful and perhaps the most popular petroleum jelly ever available is none other than Vaseline.

How to Get Vaseline Out of Your Hair

Vaseline is a wonder product, and the company does not direct customers on how to use the product because it has countless ways.

Some people apply it on cuts and bruises, preventing diaper rash; others use it as a hair moisturizer. As a result, it helps in smoothen the hair texture, prevent split ends and treating dry scalp.

Vaseline is a magical product, but it is oily and sticky to touch and this makes the product hard to get to rid of from your hairs.

Not kidding; it’s true. Vaseline is oily and isn’t water soluble. Therefore, it can be challenging to get it out of hair, as no matter how much you wash, it isn’t going to get off that easily!

That’s why we here at our blog understand the pain of every woman, that how terrifying it can be if anything unwanted mess due to Vaseline with their beloved hairs!

How to Get Vaseline Out of Your Hair

In upcoming lines, you will explore possible ways on how to get Vaseline out of your hair, quickly as well as at the same time nourishing the hair! Read more to find out.

Preparing the hair for the procedure

  • As one of the initial steps to remove Vaseline out of hair, give it a good wash with lukewarm water.
  • Apart from the wash, you can also blow dry your hair to soften the Vaseline so that it is easier to get rid of.
  • After the wash, comb the hair with a micro toothed comb throughout, to reduce tangle and remove excess Vaseline.

Don’t expect the oiliness to go away at this stage, because Vaseline isn’t water soluble. You are doing this as the most preliminary step to prepare your hair for the actual procedure.

1. Oil Treatment: Massage your Hair with Oil

Massage your affected areas with your favorite oil like coconut or jojoba and olive oil or any other heavy oil of your preference.

This step will ensure the Vaseline is easily stripped off your hairs when you shampoo.

To do the same, rub an ample amount of your favorite oil into the greasy patches of your hair. Then shampoo your hair as usual.

2. Shampoo Hair with Warm Water

Try starting with this essential yet useful step. Use a proper and robust cleansing or clarifying shampoo to strip the sticky Vaseline out of your hairs.

Although you can use any shampoo, it is recommended to go with the strongest ones (in case of excess of Vaseline). And post wash, rinse with warm water. (Cold water can further thicken the Vaseline)

Don’t forget to repeat the step-in case your hairs aren’t free from Vaseline in the first trial.

However, after your shampoo-water process is a success, don’t forget to condition your hair with your favorite conditioner, because after repeated washes, your strands will be dry as they would lose their natural moisture.

3. Use Bloating Paper to Remove Vaseline

Press that part of your hair which is greasy on two bloating paper to remove the excess Vaseline.

Be cautious not to rub the papers up and down or in any direction, as it will further spread the greasiness.

All you have to do is to dab them by sandwiching the hair between two paper towels and press firmly. It’s recommended to get a helping hand from one of your friends, to skip the odds of further spreading.

4. Sprinkle Dry Powder like Cornmeal and Baking Soda

Dry powders like Cornmeal are beneficial to soak up extra greasiness from the affected area.

Using your fingers, coat the affected part with any one of the above ingredients at a time and carefully by not spreading it further and leaving it for few minutes and then wash off with your hair cleanser.

Apart from that, there is another way which is claimed by many to be beneficial is by mixing baking soda with your hair cleanser and do shampoo the hair.

Massage gently for few minutes and repeat until you feel the Vaseline has been washed away.

Apart from baking soda, you can also use ingredients like lemon, apple cider vinegar, and beaten eggs. All these can help you to get Vaseline out of your hairs!

5. Apply Peanut Butter and Wash Hair

Sounds horrifying right? But it’s super useful. All you have to do is to apply peanut butter on the Vaseline area liberally and let it rest for five minutes.

You can keep giving your hair a massage in the meantime. After its set, you have to comb out the extra mixture.

After that wash your hair. At first wash hair with cold water to rinse off the extra mixture. After this, you can use shampoo and conditioner for further treatment.

6. Use Glycerin Soap and RC Cola

Once you have gone through the above process and still feel your hair is sticky or soggy, then you might find this DIY method on how to get Vaseline out of your hair useful.

Removing Vaseline from hairs can be a harrowing job especially if your strands are sensitive to other ingredients or are thin.

Glycerin soap and RC Cola are the two ingredients that are said to work like a charm.

Use Glycerin soap to wash your hairs. You can repeat if it doesn’t go out in the first place. While in the case of RC cola, you have to rinse your hairs twice. The stickiness will be gone.

7. Take Hair Treatment from Professional

In case, all the methods on how to get Vaseline out of your hair fail, then last resort is to take hair treatment from the professional. As this is the last option available in case you are not happy with your hair even after multiple attempts of the procedures mentioned above.

You can visit your nearby beauty parlor or clinical treatment for hair centers, to consult a professional who can suggest you further remedies.

If there is a problem, then there’s always a solution so, don’t get nervous in the first places. We assure you that, in most of the cases, any one of the above steps should work.

Find this blog post on how to get Vaseline out of your hair useful? Do you know any other method to remove Vaseline in hair? Please share it with us. We will love to read that.



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