How to Know If You Have Lice or Dandruff – Differences Explained

Looking for an answer to the question, i.e., How to Know if you have Lice or Dandruff? The following blog post is just for you.

How to Know If You Have Lice or Dandruff

Sometimes when your kid’s complaints about itchy scalp, or you get complaints from school about this condition, it is a matter of real concern for mommy. And guess what? It’s not limited to kids, as people from any age group can complain about the same things.

Imagine, how embarrassing it can be if you are continually scratching your head in a professional forum and cleaning the white flakes from your nails.

How to Know If You Have Lice or Dandruff

After doing a quick inspection, sometimes one question strikes your might i.e. How to Know if you have Lice or Dandruff, right? To help you out, we decided to write this detailed blog post in which you’re going to read the difference between Lice or Dandruff in detail.

Apart from that, you’re going to read about symptoms, causes and quick remedies to deal with either Lice or Dandruff.

Difference between Lice and Dandruff.

Lice is a parasite, and its host is a human being, but dandruff is the condition which occurs due to excessive dryness of skin and dead white flakes of skin.

Apart from that, Lice Eggs commonly know as Nits are embedded in hair and dandruff is just a dry and dead skin cell which sheds from the scalp easily while rubbing combing.

No doubt, lice and dandruff share similarities, but it is also right that both have different causes, thus need different treatments.

What is Lice? Lice Eggs or Nits

Head lice are small parasites that do not have wings, yet they tickle with their continuous movement on the scalp. Though its size is just like a little poppy seed, greyish or tan colored pests or insects that make the human host uneasy and give them goosebumps all the time.

What is Dandruff & Dry Scalp

Dandruff is the condition which occurs due to excessive dryness of skin and dead white flakes of skin. According to the report, up to 50% of the general population is affected by Dandruff. Unlike Lice, it is self-contained and is not spread from head to head. Dandruff affects people having either oily or overly dry scalp which as a result produces white flaky particles or scaly skins noticeable in the hair.

Symptoms of Lice and Dandruff

Both dandruff and lice can distract your attention because it creates a lot of irritation due to the itchy scalp and the quick to and fro motion of lice. Still, there are symptoms using which you can easily find the difference between both

Head Lice

  • White moment of the scalp
  • Nit Eggs stuck to the hair shaft


  • White specks that easily fall out
  • Yellow or white scalps that’s scaly or oily

Common in Both Lice and Dandruff

  • Itching
  • White specks on the scalp

Remedies to Treatment Lice and Dandruff

If you made up so far, then it is confirmed that you have a clear idea about who attacked your hairs; Dandruff or Lice. Here are some quick remedies to get rid of Dandruff and Lice.

How to Get Rid of Dandruff

Topical Corticosteroid creams, anti-dandruff shampoos keep your hair clean and free from dandruff. The variety of anti-dandruff shampoos are available in the market, choosing your shampoo wisely based on your requirement will help you get rid of itchiness and keeps your hair healthy and smooth.

However, there are some effective homemade remedies as well that will give you desired results in a span of a few weeks.

Tea Tree Oil 

Tea Tree Oil has excellent anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties which have proven to be one of the best treatment for dandruff.

Add 5 to 10 drops of tea tree oil with your regular shampoo or with jojoba oil and apply it on your scalp for 15minutes, and then wash it. You can also get shampoo which contains 5% of tea tree oil in it. It will make your hair healthy and shiny.

There are other homemade remedies as-as well, regular use of them will give a new life to your hair.

Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil has antimicrobial and antifungal properties. It can be used in the same manner as tea tree oil. It helps you get rid of itchy scalp and will also fight with the primary cause of dandruff leaving them shiny, smooth and healthy.

Neem Oil

Neem oil again has a lot of medicinal values that fights strongly against dandruff as it helps to maintain the pH level of the scalp, which keeps the scalp free from dandruff. It is extracted from the seeds and fruits of the neem tree. Its regular application keeps you free from dandruff.

How to Get Rid of Lice

Lice, the parasites that suck your blood from your scalp, unfortunately, cannot be treated at home as they are highly contagious, so it is essential to seek the advice of the professionals dealing in the treatment of lice. In order to get rid of them permanently it is important to follow the advice of professionals.

Find this blog post on how to know if you have lice or dandruff useful? Do you have other queries? Feel free to share it with us.

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