How to Tie a Bandana Around Your Face

Want to know the exact way on how to tie a Bandana around your Face? The following blog post will guide you easy steps.

How to Tie a Bandana Around Your Face

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Bandana is a sizeable colored handkerchief, usually having white spots, worn tied around the neck or head. It is a must-have accessory for the wardrobe.

There are lots of ways users can wear a bandana; you can wear it in a chic biker style, flaunt the retro, wear it like a pirate and lot more to mention.

How to Tie a Bandana Around Your Face

If you made up so far, then there is no doubt, which you want to learn the way to tie a bandana around your Face. Right?

To help you out I decided to write this blog post featuring step by step instructions on how to do that.

What you’ll require

Only Bandana that you thinks to look nice on your face

Steps to Wear Bandana Around Face

1. For ease, put the bandana on the table, so it looks like a diamond shape.

2. Now fold the bandana in half to obtain the triangle shape. So that you remain with two ends.

3. Wrap the bandana around your nose and mouth.

4. Tie it with a knot (in which you’re comfortable) at the back side of your head.

5. Get in front of the mirror and adjust it the way so that it’s on the center of your nose, covering┬áthe bottom half of the face.

how to tie a bandana around face
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Congratulations, you have successfully tied a Bandana around your face. Wearing a bandana in this style is popular with name, i.e., Ninja style face mask.

When to Wear it?

It is a good option when you want to protect your face from dust and sun. Why don’t you tell us in the comment, under what circumstances you prefer to tie a bandana around your face?

Find this quick tutorial on how to tie a bandana around your face useful? We would like to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. My bandanas are 23″ square, but the ends only overlap about three or four inches. I can’t double tie it, and it needs tightening or retying every 2-3 minutes. Do you have any suggestions on how I can my bandana over my nose and mouth?

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