How to Tie a Bandana Around Your Face (4 Ways)

Want to know the exact way on how to tie a Bandana around your Face? The following blog post will guide you with easy steps.

How to Tie a Bandana Around Your Face

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Bandana is a sizeable colored handkerchief, usually having white spots, worn tied around the neck or head. It is a must-have accessory for the wardrobe.

There are lots of ways users can wear a bandana; you can wear it in a chic biker style, flaunt the retro, wear it like a pirate and lot more to mention. If you made up so far, then there is no doubt that you want to learn the way to tie a bandana around your Face. Right?

How to Tie a Bandana Around Your Face

To help you out we decided to write this blog post in which we decided to cover all the possible ways to wear a bandana around your Face or Mouth featuring step by step instructions on how to do that.

What you’ll require

For all method, all you need is a Bandana that you think to look nice on your face

1. Triangle Face Mask

1. For ease, put the bandana on the table, so it looks like a diamond shape.

2. Now fold the bandana in half to obtain the triangle shape. So that you remain with two ends.

3. Wrap the bandana around your nose and mouth.

4. Tie it with a knot (in which you’re comfortable) at the back side of your head.

5. Get in front of the mirror and adjust it the way so that it’s on the center of your nose, covering the bottom half of the face.

how to wear Bandana around your month
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Congratulations, you have successfully tied a Bandana as a Faceb mask. Wearing a bandana in this style is popular with name, i.e., Ninja style face mask.

2. Folded Triangle

1. Take your bandana and place it over a flat surface.

2. Fold it in a triangle, now, take the third corner (smaller one) and make a fold that is half of the length of bandana between the up to two ends that we are going to tie as a knot.

3. Now, pick it slowly and place around your face such that the third corner doesn’t fall down.

4. Tie a knot as per your comfort around your pony. If you don’t know how to fold a bandana, check this graphic for an idea:

folded triangle bandana

Note: This way of tying bandana is similar to the previous one except that the third side is folded to cover your chin and doesn’t make it look bigger on your face.

Note: The knot can be tied above pony or upper part of the neck. The only change is knot above the pony covers your ears if you don’t want to cover your ears then tie it around your neck.

Suggestion: Ensure to knot it twice for better hold.

3. Bandana Face Mask DIY

1. Take your bandana, place it on a surface such that it looks like a square.

2. Fold the bandana down about 1/10 each time.

3. Do this from both ends simultaneously until you get your desired length.

4. Take two hair bands or rubber bands and place them on both sides.

5. Now fold the edges towards the center.

6. Use the hair bands to keep support around the ears.

Note: Use hairbands since they will be comfortable to wear around ears.

Bandana Face Mask DIY

Look at the above image for better reference on how to wear bandana around face as a mask.

4. Bandana Face Mask DIY – 2

1. Take your bandana and place it over a flat surface.

2. Fold the one side of bandana around 1/3rd of the space, similarly follow the same step to the opposite diagonal side.. (A and C in the reference picture below)

3. Now make one more fold inwards on both ends.

4. Place your hand in the center to gauge your approx mask width.

5. Time to put it on. Place the folded bandana mask over the nose and mouth.

6. Twist the tail backward and upward.

7. Holding with one end, adjust fit and coverage of the mask over face.

8. Tie it above the pony for better stability. (adjust it as per your comfort)

Note: If you want to add a disposable filter, then place the paper towel in the center and align it diagonally.

Suggestion: Change the mask for every 3 hours for its maximum effectiveness. Wash it thoroughly after use.

Bandana Face Mask DIY

Look at the above image for reference on How to wear Bandana Mask.

When to Wear it?

It is a good option when you want to protect your face from dust and sun. Since we are going through Corona Pandemic, so its a good time to wear homemade mask instead of purchasing mask from market.

Why don’t you tell us in the comment, under what circumstances you prefer to wear a bandana on your face? Is there any other Bandana Style which you prefer to wear a bandana on your face? Let us know in the comment.

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    • I wore one just this evening for this very reason – coronavirus protection while grocery shopping. Had to adjust it a couple times, which partially defeated the purpose of wearing it. I was careful not to touch my eyes, though.

  1. My bandanas are 23″ square, but the ends only overlap about three or four inches. I can’t double tie it, and it needs tightening or retying every 2-3 minutes. Do you have any suggestions on how I can my bandana over my nose and mouth?

  2. Use the 2 rubber bands folded from square side and tucked in method. YouTube and others have lots of videos on that.


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