5 Ways on How to Tie Bandana around Neck (Stylish Ways)

If you’re looking for different ways on how to wear a bandana around your neck to look more stylish? You landed on the right page.

How to Tie Bandana around Neck in versatile ways.

Before digging deep in different waysLet’s know a little more about Bandanas. It is a fantastic unisex accessory that enhances the complete look immediately and effortlessly. There is a wide variety in colors, patterns as well stuff (cotton to silk) in this plain piece of cloth called a bandana.

One can experiment a lot with his/her looks by just adding a colorful or plain bandana which will change the complete look of the attire. So pick a bandana of your choice which may suit you the best with your outfit for the day.

How to Tie a Bandana Around your Neck (Five Ways)

To be pro in styling in “bandana wearing” all you need to learn is the art to fold it in several ways. You can keep it long, medium or short length even with flares” (Absolutely the way you like it).

1. Single Fold with a back knot

Single Fold with a back knot

Place the bandana on an even platform (to ease the task) and fold up the bandanna into half so that it looks like a triangle meeting its opposing corners.

Hold the opposite two ends which appear to be the longest sides of the bandana and position the same sides in front of your neck. Tie a simple knot just behind your neck and TADA….. You’re It’s done!

2. Crease bandana into Choker

Crease bandana into Choker

Place the bandanna in even place and join the opposites to make a triangle (same process shown above) now continue to fold the bandana from the loose ends till the long or close ends forming a long strand.

Wrap it around your neck and tie the knot; loose or tight depends on your choice. You can style the loose ends of a knot at the right side, left side or in the middle of the neck.

3. Knot it at the back of the neck

Knot it at the back of the neck

Fold the bandana, in the same way, to create a long strand as we did before but this time you wrap the bandana around the neck and tie the knot at the back side of the neck which will give a clean and different look.

4. Double wrap around the neck

Double wrap around the neck

I would advise picking a little long bandana for this style. In this method, one can play along with the width of the fold according to the wish while creating a long strand.

Once it’s done, wrap the bandana little tight around the neck starting from front to back and wraparound once again. Secure it with fancy knot and style the knot at any side.

5. Wrap around the neck (No Knot):

Wrap around the neck (No Knot)

Put the bandana around the neck and let both ends fall in front. If you have a long bandana, holds one end near to your torso right side and wrap it around the neck and leave the second end at another side. Set the flairs if it and done.

I’m done, now it’s your turn to try these versatile ways on how to tie a bandana around your neck. Let me know in the comments, which method you find useful.

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