A handful of Smart Ideas: How to Tie & Wear a Shemagh

“Shemagh is a woven cotton cloth piece which is soft in touch.” The shemagh also called a keffiyeh, kufiya, or “hattah”, is a square-shaped cotton scarf. In ancient times Shemagh was used by the people of the Middle Eastern area. It was generally used to cover the head and face to avoid the harsh weather conditions there. Along with the changing time, there has also been a lot of change in the way of using Shemagh.

A handful of smart ideas: How to style a Shemagh
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Today this is not only an accessory for men but this is similarly used by many women. Men discover various ways to wear a Shemagh; women search for countless ideas to uniquely style it. And yes, Woman’s are always a step ahead in styling as she uses her creativity to look impressive.

Different Ways on How to style a Shemagh for women

We cannot style any fashion until we don’t know the right way to use that fashion no matter whether it is a Shemagh or bandana style. Knowing how to wear a shemagh can help you in a variety of survival conditions. We are here with a few tips to ensure you always look great in your shemagh, so keep reading this article and we’ll share them with you. 

Wrap Shemagh around the neck

For beginners here, the two most effortless techniques to style up the shemagh is just wrapping it around your neck.

Wrap Shemagh around the neck
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  • Take two opposite corners and make it into a triangle. Hurl it over your shoulders. Crumple the edges in front of the bust line and let them sway. This is the effusive method to wear it. It gives you a street style and you are ready to flaunt.
  • Pick a big size shemagh and fold it to make a triangular shape by joining the opposite ends. Place the Shemagh behind shoulders and let the loose ends roll forward. Adjust the length so that you can wrap the Shemagh around the neck to cover the chest part. Make sure both ends have similar lengths and you get flayers in the front. (As shown in image)

Tactical Scarf

Tactical Scarf - How to style a Shemagh

This is a straightforward and satisfactory way that looks impressive. Take the triangular shemagh and put the corners at the back. Now tie up the corners lightly and let the bulkier part create beautiful waves at the front. This style will go with any western or Indo western outfit and will help you to look appealing.

Apart from wearing a Shemagh around the neck here are a few more options to experiment on…

Shemagh as Protection scarf

Shemagh as Protection scarf

Yes, you have read it right you can wear it as a protection scarf too. This particular way of styling creates the face wrap look that had been followed by some women in the past. Do you need a guide on “How to create the protection scarf?”

Don’t get in a flap when we are here. Start with its square shape. Overlap the shemagh to make a triangle. Put it over the head with one edge bigger than the other. Taking the shorter one below the ear, from under the chin, and from near the other ear takes it behind the neck. Now, wrap your face excluding your eyes, and bring it to the back of your head with the bigger corner. Make a knot. Thus, it works as a safeguard against sun rays, dust, and wind.

Shemagh is a High fashioned jewfro

No matter how long or short your hair is if you don’t want to show off your mane, use a shemagh as a quite stylish hair wrap.

Wear Shemagh as a High fashioned jewfro

Hoping, to rock your pool party? Pair it up with your swimsuit or other costumes, you are going to wear. For this purpose, one can use what one’s have at the time i.e.chiffon or cotton whatever the material of shemagh is available, can be used for this style.

Double up the shemagh and set it down on the backside of the head. Keep one side longer to the other. Cover your forehead with the longer side while leaving the shorter remains open on the ear lobe. Buckle the longer edge over the shorter and let them rule over the ear. It resembles a braid and adds flair to your style.

Tie a Shemagh as Headwrap:

Looking for a pro way to wear a shemagh for a get-together or trip with friends! don’t think much about your apparel. Just take your favorite shemagh and turn it into a headband or head wrap. It will add up a chic look to your personality and you are good to go.

Everyday Turban Style

Shemagh Turban Style

Just double your scarf, grip the middle & set it behind your head. Tow both the ends towards the midpoint of the head, cross them over each other. Pull the ends back and loop them up. Rest the ends can be tucked either under the knot or near the forehead. Also, bit the rest of the scarf in the front fold.

Shemagh as Front Bun Turban

Shemagh as Front Bun Turban

Take a rectangle scarf and crinkle it in half. Enfold it from the backside and knot it on the front side. Club the two ends of the scarf and twirl together and spin the twirled tail around itself. keep setting down the bun while twirled, so that it doesn’t expand too much.

Shemagh as Banded Women Turban

Shemagh as Banded Women Turban

Take a transparent or similar color rubber and slid it in middle of scarf. Place the rubber at the center of head at shown in the image and spread the both side to give a shape of headband. Tie the loose ends at back and you are done.

Wear Shemagh as a Top:

Let us do a quick wardrobe makeover for you without buying new clothes. If you are eager to know how to do this, you are a true fashion freak. Let’s get started!

Single knot shemagh top

Single knot shemagh top

Some women use it as a top too. It looks flawless and attractive when you go out. To make this style, turn the scarf into a triangle. Take both the similar ends and put them down over your bust from the front. Tie them to make a perfect knot at your back and let the third end sway over your belly. You can use this idea when you will get bored with all your tops.

Single shoulder Shemagh top

Single shoulder Shemagh top

Take a square scarf, fold it in half to make a triangle shape. Place the one end of the scarf at the back of your right shoulder.

Twist the scarf twice to create a roll on the shoulder. Pull the center corner forward, drag it underneath the right arm from front to back, and join both ends. (Here Knot is formed at the back of the right shoulder).

Now pick the 3rd corner (remaining loose end of the scarf) and start wrapping the torso towards the left side. Connect this end of Shemagh with the first knot. Adjust the scarf from the front to give it a neat look.

Front knot shemagh top

Front knot Scraf top

Fold your scarf into a triangle. Place the center part at the back and bring the two ends of the scarf in front and tie and knot. Now adjust the flowing cloth in the middle of your back and you are good to go. For the best finish look try it with a Padded underwired Padded Push-up corset.


We have written up few popular and smart ways for styling a shemagh. Yet many more other ways are there to wear a shemagh. Every woman styles up in her own way to look different and alluring.

On the other hand, some woman uses the shemagh only to avoid the harsh weather circumstances that can be unfavorable for her hair and face. A shemagh scarf makes your ordinary look into a chic style. So what are you waiting for gals? Go and give it a shot.

Let us know in the comment section if you want to know; How to style a Shemagh as an accessory?

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