12 Cool Ways to Wear Beanie with Long & Short Hairs

The coolest thing about fashion is that it has the ability to be a true art form of its own. Whether we are ready or not, fall is coming and the winter months mean inclement weather and freezing temperatures, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. No doubt it is important to look stylish, but in the winter, warmth is even more important.

12 Ways on How to Wear Beanie with Long & Short Hair

So beanie is the simplest answer for your question, but many people refuse to use hats as they feel their hair will be ruined or get a messy look. But it is a promise that after reading this blog girls will surely love to style their long and short hair after wearing a beanie!

How to Wear Beanie with Long & Short Hair

Wondering How to style a beanie to look more elegant? So check out some cool styles of your hair to avoid “hat head” while wearing a cute beanie.

1. With Cold Weather Classics

wear beanie With Cold Weather Classics

You can never go wrong with a neutral wool coat, graphic T-shirt, and light-wash denim. This outfit formula is effortless, probably already exists in your closet, and looks even better when worn with a classic black beanie.

2. Beanie on the Wavy Hair

Beanie on the Wavy Hair

For those with naturally wavy hair, or that enjoy a good beach wave, then it is one of the best ways to style a beanie. Especially with jeans and a top, also wear retro style goggles to make your look complete. Part your hair in the middle, let those waves hang over your shoulders, and throw on a beanie! Such a cute and easy style!

3. Position knit beanies properly

Position knit beanies properly

The best way to put on knitted beanies with short hair is to position them properly on your head. Rather than pulling it straight down onto your head, adjust it to the back of your head at an angle sliding a little more at the back of your head.

4. Messy Bun with a beanie

Messy Bun with a beanie

Who said you can’t have a messy bun with a beanie on? This look typically only works for thick headbands, but now beanies have adapted to the updo style! For those of you whose ears get cold, this is perfect for you! you can style it with Indian attire also it looks good.

5. The Bangs out Beanie

The Bangs out Beanie

For a cute and stylish look, let your bangs out and wear the beanie further up on your head so that the beanie doesn’t flatten your bangs to come down over your eyes.

6. Beanie with Curly Hair

wear Beanie with Curly Hair

Curly thick hair tends to look exceptional with loose beanies. Tight beanies can spoil the curl pattern and make hair frizzy, it’s best to stick to roomier and thicker styles.

A High-top beanie that stands up tall rather than hanging towards your back is also a good option. It will not create any friction in your hair that results in frizzy hair.

Allowing some strands to fall loose at the sides and back will provide you with the most flattering appearance.

7. Wear a low ponytail

Wear a low ponytail

You can either braid your hair or leave it straight, but if you do decide to wear your hair back, make sure that the ponytail sits low on your head or to the side to keep it from creating an uncomfortable bulge beneath your hat.

8. Warm Companion for Cool Short Cuts

Warm Companion for Cool Short Cuts

Bobble cap, beanie, or beret: In winter, you’ll be wearing a hat at some stage. That’s fine by us because there’s actually no more stylish way to top off a hairdo.

The only downside: Once you head back to the warm indoors, you have to take your hat off. By that time, your styling is non-existent, your hair looks flat or has static. No more! With these tricks, you can avoid flyaways and other hat head issues.

9. Sticking Straight Up

Sticking Straight Up beanie

To achieve this style, it’s all about finding the right beanie. You want one that’s a little more thick and structured so it’s able to stay up straight rather than fall backward behind your head. It took me a while to come around to this look because the extra fabric at the top looked so weird to me?

But over the years, it’s become one of my favorite ways to wear a beanie since you don’t have to fiddle around with it or make sure it’s laying the right way with other slouchy styles. You can just throw that sucker on and walk out the door!

10. Semi-Slouchy

Semi-Slouchy beanie

You can pull this off with shorter or longer styles. Fit it over your head just enough so that there’s material in the back that folds over a bit. You can play around with the fabric so it sits just how you want it.

11. The Single Cuff

The Single Cuff beanie

It is one of the great options for bad hair days or when you are in rush to reach the office for casual settings. Cuff your favorite beanie once and put it on your head, make sure the beanie resting halfway down to your ears.

12. Beanie on Loose Hair

Beanie on Loose Hair

Loose hair is a timeless win-win idea to try with a beanie. You have curly, straight or wavey any type of hair just get a few pair of beanie and you are ready to rock any outfit or meet up. For short hair, just show off some ticking them out of the beanie, and you’ll get a cool look.

Try out these amazing looks, and let us know your favorite one. We would appreciate if you can tell us a new way to style beanie with long and short hair.

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