9 Different Styles to Wear Saree with Modern Look

Sarees are an enduring piece of clothing that has been around since the ages of Ramayana and Mahabharata and the gracefulness has only grown over the years. When it comes to special occasions, a saree comes to mind first. Saree is the most preferable attire to create an Indian look.

Six yards of pure grace is the option for many ladies, as what they would put forward to wear at work, marriage parties, or even to go for parent-teacher meetings. It can be plain, with little work, or full of embroidery. Just choose according to the call of time.

If you are looking for new and interesting ways to wear a saree, then you are at the right place. But there are few preparations you need to do to wear a Saree perfectly:

First, you need a well-fitted blouse, petticoat, nice heels, plate maker, safety pins, Brooche, elegant ornaments, and of course a lovely saree best suited to the occasion.

Draping a saree is very much familiar to Indian women, but various pleasing ideas for draping are something that every woman will fascinate about.

Different Styles to Wear Saree (Step by Step Guide)

How to wear a Saree

How to Wear Open Pallu Saree

This particular style of draping a saree is the most ordinary and popular way to wear a saree. In this type, the basic method of draping a saree is followed and pallu over the shoulder is kept open without making the pleats.

How to Wear Open Pallu Saree

Below is a detailed explanation :

  1. Start by wearing your petticoat, blouse, and your favorite footgear (to avoid chaos). Make sure the color of the petticoat should match to the color of the saree. If you are planning to put on a sheer saree, plump for a shimmer petticoat.
  2. Assure that your petticoat has been tied firmly; because it has to hold the saree throughout. Check out the fall on the saree and start twisting it from the other end all over the waist tucking it to the petticoat. Ensure the length of the saree, it shouldn’t be too long so that it doesn’t get cling to the heels.
  3. After tucking, start making pleats with extra fabric and set out on the right side of the tummy button. To keep any disarray away, the pleats should be in an even position.
  4. Cover up your waist with the leftover fabric from left to right. Bring your saree in front of your shoulder and balance the size of your pallu. Pallu’s length should reach to the back of your knees.
  5. It’s time to secure your pallu with a safety pin on your shoulder. Pin helps to avoid the slipping of pallu. Your free pallu saree is ready to flaunt, put on some matching ornaments and you are all set.

How to wear Pleate Pallu Saree

How to wear Pleate Pallu Saree

While you are done with tucking of the saree first round, then after leaving the fabric for making front pleats with an estimate you have to set the length of the pallu (below knees). Here you start to create the pleats, Pleats should be of the same width of the shoulder.

The topmost pleat should be of accurate size and lower pleats could be adjusted as per need. This pleating pallu is always admired for the neat look as well keeps your hands free.

You can choose this style of draping the saree for your work as well as any party occasion. Pick out a simple cotton or chiffon saree for your workplace or parent-teacher meeting. While for parties, opt for some embroidery work, plain satin saree with heavy blouse.

How to Wear Sidha Pallu Saree

Sidha pallu has been in trend since ever and definitely, will remain here for long. It gives your saree a lehenga-like look and is a good idea to carry your ordinary saree with a different look.

Lehnga Style Drapping

Most Gujarati and Rajasthani women wear saree in this way. Bandhini sarees are the ideal choice for this style, but you can pick any of your favorite stuff. Here we go with steps to wear this style of saree.

  1. First thing to wear a saree in any style, you will always put on the essentials (petticoat, blouse, footwear).
  2. Take the end opposite to the pallu, tuck the saree in on the right side and wrap it around the waist, to do so tuck it fully.
  3. Bring saree to the front and leave some fabric to make plates. Tuck it on the left side of your waist band.
  4. Once again wrap the saree all over your waist and bring it towards the front. Use the left over fabric and make the pleats, figure out the right length and tuck it evenly on the right side of your navel.
  5. Now its pallu’s turn, assemble the stuff nicely to make a flawless pallu. Let it ripple from back to front, pin it on your right shoulder. Make sure the length shouldn’t be too long or too short.
  6. Cover your chest, reshape your pleats accordingly and secure the one side of pallu near your left waist. Second edge remains sway on the right side.

Some women find it a tad difficult, but genuinely this is not as harder as you think it off. Once you learn this style, you can drape it effortlessly on any occasion at any place in few minutes. Yeah, here you are all set with an elegant look.

How to Wear Marathi Style Saree

How to Wear Marathi Style Saree
  • Like above styles, ready with blouse, petticoat, and heels, now take one meter of fabric and twist it around your waist line. Let the remnant lies on your right.
  • The bordered ends of the saree are to be fixed securely at the waist.
  • Assemble the pallu and take towards the front line from back. Secure it over your left side shoulder as in normal style.
  • Now grab the open edge of the saree and start crimping to turn it in to lovely pleats. Pleats should be 4-5 inches of width. Tuck them at the tummy button.
  • Then come to the lower drape, propel it through between your legs and tuck it on the mid of the back in a nice way. Ensure that double border line should be there for sure.
  • Now drape the pallu gracefully. Bring it from the back to cover your shoulder and then it has to be tucked in at the left waist cleverly. STOP! You are done with style, hurray.

In the present time, the Maharashtrian style is not much familiar yet some ladies adopt this particular technique of styling for parties. It pops the curves up and helps you to look classic.

How to Drape Mumtaz Style Saree

Mumtaz Style Saree drapping

Oh, the best one in our memories. That Tight silhouette draping chiffon saree draped around 3 times on the lower torso. The border is what is shown in this style and looks very classic. Many Bollywood actresses wore Mumtaz saree-style looks in their movies and photoshoots too.

  1. Tuck your saree into the waist skirt on the left side of your belly button
  2. Tuck around your waist moving towards the right of your body.
  3. Make a couple of plates and tuck them into your saree skirt.
  4. Wrap around the remaining fabric around the body without tucking.
  5. Bring it to the front and tuck it in. it should be the few inches above the floor.
  6. Make another round and tuck it in. it should be the few inches above the second layer.
  7. With the remaining saree make the vertical plates.
  8. Secure them at the left shoulder like the nivi style.

How to Wear Atpouri Shari from Bengal

Atpouri Shari from Bengal
  1. Wrap the saree around the waist
  2. Make box pleats and tuck it in Nivi draping style
  3. With the remaining saree make pleats to cover the upper part of the body
  4. Place the pleats on the left shoulder
  5. Take the tip  of the pallu from under the right hand to the front side
  6. Knot the tip of the pallu and throw it over the right shoulder
  7. Viola you get an authentic Bengali saree drape

How to Wear Mekhala Chadar from Assam

Mekhala Chadar saree style

  1. Wear the mekhala chadar like a skirt at the bottom
  2. Form a pleat and hold it firmly
  3. Form two pleats and hold it between your fingers,bring the three pleats together and align them accordingly
  4. Tuck the upper part of the saree into the petticoat
  5. Put the upper part of the saree over the left arm and adjust the pallu according to the desired length
  6. Bring the other end of the chadar in front in a manner that it drapes once around your waist
  7. Tuck the iner border of the chadar in the petticoat in a manner that enables one end ti dangle that it forms a neat triangular pleat that aligns with the mekhela
  8. Pin the end with the mekhela so that it stays together
  9. Bring the chadar from across the back to the front

How to Wear Saree in a South Indian Style

South Indian Style Saree

Who doesn’t like kanjivaram silk present out here? The spotlight of this silk saree is its gold zardosi borders that create a sophisticated and stylish look. This is the best and ideal option for brides who are looking for a saree because it is generally available in bright colors.

If we talk about its draping, it drapes like a normal saree as elaborate above. Just pick a heavy silk saree and some south Indian style ornaments to create the perfect look.

Some modern Styles to Wear Saree

Apart from the above-mentioned ways, there are some modern styles to wear saree. Here you are ready with this easy and quick look. Looks glamorous and alluring, when wearing this style for parties or get-together.

How to Wear Pant Style Saree

Pant style saree

This popular indo western styling helps you out to build a glamorous appearance that every signora (woman) desires. For this sensual way of draping, pick a pretty plain saree with that you can customize the blouse. For this particular drape, you don’t need a petticoat instead will pick a pair of pants or leggings. The length should be ankle for a classy modern look. Give this style a shot with the following easy steps.

  1. Put on your blouse and leggings or pants what so ever. Take the saree from the end, make pallu pleats and set it over your left shoulder.
  2. Pick the other edge of the saree and bring it back from under the right arm to the left waist side. Tuck it there properly.
  3. Now, need to make pleats with left over fabric. Secure them in the middle of front side near navel.
  4. Rearrange the pallu pleats after adjusting the saree properly.

Here you are ready with this easy and quick look. Looks glamorous and alluring, when wearing this style for parties or get together

The Best Saree Colour Combination :

Have a glance at some different ideas to make your party look alluring. Here you will find various mixes n matches to flaunt all the way.

White Saree with net blouse

White Saree with net blouse

Go with the flow, all-time in color white. Maybe it’s an old idea to dress up in white but it creates a magical look whenever has been chosen to wear. Looking for some excellent alternatives to be a person at the party! Nothing can beat the elegance of a white saree with a mesh neck blouse and get ready to rock the event.

Grey Saree with a black blouse:

Grey Saree with a black blouse

This combination is ample to grab the attention of your surroundings. Opt for a plain satin grey saree and black embroidered blouse. Design the blouse as per your choice. You can get the blouse sewn with a deep sensual neck and full sleeves or cut sleeves whatsoever.

Purple Saree with heavy work golden blouse:

Purple Saree with golden blouse

Slay the look with a heavy border purple saree and golden blouse. To put on some noticeable impact, pair it up with some beautiful jhumkaas and a necklace. Wear heels of your choice and be ready to kill a vampire.

Blue Saree with jacquard blouse:

Blue Saree with jacquard blouse

Upraise your saree look with a solid blue saree (satin preferable) and a classy Banarasi style blouse. You can also go with a black lace blouse for modern elegance. Add some oxidized jewelry to build a fabulous approach.

Brown Saree with printed blouse:

Brown Saree with printed blouse:

Elevate your style with a solid brown saree and a high Victorian-style neck. Full sleeves and this particular neck pattern will build on a dash of grace to your appearance. Complete your look with square-shaped earrings and a high bun.

Fully Sequined Saree with backless blouse:

Fully Sequined Saree with backless blouse

In this trendy environment, this saree is more than enough to put on a charm in your beauty. Pair it up with a backless plain satin blouse and magnificent trinkets. Go gal and win-win the chic look.

Yellow saree with green blouse:

Yellow and green Saree combination

when we come to this combination, it looks very elegant and homely. Flourish the look as it is most of the time preferred by many women to attend lavish parties. Add your favorite ornaments and good to go.

Chiffon Saree with velvet blouse:

Chiffon Saree with velvet blouse

This is the must-have saree in your wardrobe. When in confusion about what to wear for the forthcoming occasion go with the net saree and sleeveless blouse. To complete the look wear a shimmer petticoat, appealing accessories, and your stilettos.

Bottle Green Saree with mirror work blouse:

Bottle Green Saree with mirror work

Less is more when we come to the green color especially the bottle green. This would be the prominent choice to sit in on an event. Choose a chiffon solid green saree with a mirror work blouse. Get the blouse stitch with a scoop neck and three-forth sleeves. Link it up with hanging earrings, a lovely clutch, and a pair of nice heels.

Sarees are the dominating chunk of the fashion industry. Undoubtedly there is nothing more graceful than the saree. This is the most ventilated and adjustable outfit, more interesting is it can be drape in several different styles.

Styling a saree is like a game, it seems a bit complicated but once if you learn how to wear a saree, you will win the game. The best approach to flaunt your curves and feel sensuous. Hope you feel the same way we dared to think.

So ladies, Ready to attend the upcoming occasions with the above ideas and methods. Try them and Break a leg.

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