20 Interesting Questions to Ask Your Crush Or A Guy

To be noticed and admired is the frail humanity. If the felicitation or compliment is received by a special one, it means you melt her heart. Asking something to a guy at the appropriate time with appropriate lines makes him feel more affectionate towards you. It leaves him reminding you and your words for quite along.

question game to ask a guy


Choices of words mean a lot. The simple term saying “I feel pride when I walk with you” is a simple line that touches his sensitive part. It is the necessity of a relationship to make a deep bond between the two with soft and sophisticated words. But as, it is a matter of life, knowing the insights is essential.

However, there are several variations in questioning a guy but it helps you to know a little more about your best friend. Ask in a flirty and playful way. Talk about love and cheesy things. (If the guy is your crush). Ask in a way that makes him feel confident and he feels appreciated and admired. It keeps the conversation interesting and fun-filled. 

Let`s get started with the questions Game to Ask a Guy:

So, for those who need help to figure out question games to ask a guy, here are the best quotes that you can try. These are some of the best questions to ask whether it’s your friend, or you dating someone, or just want to know someone a little more.

Funny questions to ask a guy:

Funny questions to ask a guy

Question 1 – Have you ever fake cried?

Question 2– The ever-best story that you would love to tell your kids? 

Question 3 – Tell me a funny dialogue that reminds you the most of your life?

Question 4– What does wife/Husband material mean to you?

Question 5– Do you ever have dreams about me?

Question 6– What is your type?

Question 7–What is your signature dance move?

Question 8– For you, what does the perfect burger look like?

Question 9– What is your favorite smell?

Question 10– What superpower would you like to have?

Question 11-Any movie or TV show scene you never forget?

Question 12- What is in the hidden folder of your PC?

Question 13- What kind of kid you were?

Question 14- What was the best compliment you received?

Question 15- An injury you got because of your own stupidity?

Question 16- Suggest a DJ name for yourself.

Question 17 – Pick an inanimate object you would like to be if you have to for a day.

Question 18- What was the funniest thing you said or did at a party?

Question 19- Just before getting into a fight, which song comes on as your soundtrack?

Question 20- Name a thing you know you are terrible at?

Flirty questions to ask a guy:

Flirty questions to ask a guy

Question 1– What should a girl do to impress you?

Question 2– what is your description of the first kiss?

Question 3- Do you think I am sexy?

Question 4– How many people have you kissed?

Question 5 – What is your favorite part of my body?

Question 6– Tight jeans or flirty skirt?

Question 7– Have you ever had a one-night stand?

Question 8- Do you wait for me before making your first move?

Question 9- How much commitment means to you?

Question 10 – Weekend night- Preferring chilling at home or going outdoor.

Question 11- One deep and dark secret of yours that nobody knows.

Question 12- Will you be surprised to know that I have a crush on you?

Question 13- What did you feel when we met for the first time?

Question 14- Cuddling or kissing what would you prefer?

Question 15- What attracts you towards a woman?

Question 16- Which feature of yours do you like most?

Question 17- Your biggest turn on /turn off?

Question 18- How would you describe a perfect kiss.

Question 19- What kind of boyfriend you would be?

Question 20- How quickly do you fall for someone?

Personal questions to ask a guy:

Personal questions to ask a guy

Question 1– Were you closer to your mom or your dad?

Question 2- How would you describe yourself in one word?

Question 3– What one thing in your life do you regret the most?

Question 4– Do you manage stress easily?

Question 5–Have you ever lost someone close to you?

Question 6- To whom do you give more preference-truth or happiness?

Question 7- Which profession you would choose if you would get a chance to choose your choice.

Question 8- Do you have a formula for success?

Question 9- How is someone dashing like you is single?

Question 10– What is the best way to end a long day?

Question 11–What makes you nervous?

Question 12–How do you feel when other boys check me out?

Question 13 – Your highest point of life till now.

Question 14- What is your stress buster?

Question 15-One thing you would change about yourself if get a chance.

Question 16- Being rich & famous or happy and common; what would you choose?

Question 17- The biggest risk you took in life.

Question 18- If your best friend has to describe you, how would he /she do it.

Question 19- Have you ever cheated on anyone?

Question 20- Do you regret anything about life.

Awkward questions to ask a guy:

Awkward questions to ask a guy

Question 1– How many girls you have been dated till date?

Question 2– Have you ever tried to impress your friend’s sister?

Question 3– How much debt do you have?

Question 4– Do you want to get married?

Question 5– why are you dating me?

Question 6– Have you ever been attracted to a guy?

Question 7–What would you do without me?

Question 8–Do you lick the spoon clean after making something sweet?

Question 9- What is your biggest turn?

Question 10- When I walk out, can you check me all the time?

Question 11- Are you taking marriage seriously?

Question 12–Have you ever broken someone’s heart?

Question 13How much time you would take to get ready for a date.

Question 14Would you allow me to do your makeover?

Question 15How would you imagine us in future life.

Question 16How many girlfriends number is in your phone?

Question 17 Would you consider plastic surgery?

Question 18Are you addicted to anything?

Question 19Tell me the number of people you have slept with?

Question 20 What is one thing you would want to change about me?

Questions to ask a guy over text:

Questions to ask a guy over text

Question 1–What are your personal goals?

Question 2–Do you have any questions for me?

Question 3–Do you get overwhelmed often?

Question 4- Are you a pet lover?.

Question 5–what does your dream house look like?

Question 6- How do you start your day?

Question 7- Do you love your job?

Question 8- Which travel destination do you want to visit?

Question 9- Share some fun facts about yourself?

Question 10- What bugs you most?

Question 11- Are you seeing someone?

Question 12What’s your favorite quote from a movie?

Question 13What is an interesting thing about your family’s ancestry?

Question 14Do you follow any holiday traditions?

Question 15 -What is your favorite memory with your family?

Question 16What would be your go-to workout if you go to the gym?

Question 17How good you are at balancing work and life?

Question 18What is your guilty pleasure?

Question 19How would you start a conversation with a stranger?

Question 20– Does your bucket list have a weird thing?

Naughty Questions to ask a guy:

dirty questions to ask a men

Question 1How quickly you can come here?

Question 2Do you prefer loud and rough?

Question 3Have you ever dreamt about me?

Question 4How many times do you really think about doing it?

Question 5Have I made you nervous ever?

Question 6Are you on Santa’s naughty or nice list?

Question 7How many times have you had a one-night stand?

Question 8What do you wear to bed?

Question 9Do you like it more in the morning or at night?

Question 10How often do you go solo?

Question 11Are you more brainy or hot?

Question 12 One thing you find irresistible in me.

Question 13Share your wildest fantasy?

Question 14How would you react if you being shy, and me flirting?

Question 15 Do you ever think you’d be a baby daddy?

Question 16When did you lose your virginity

Question 17Pick a public place you fantasize to go naughty?

Question 18Lights on or off what would you prefer?

Question 19Do you have bedroom toys?

Question 20Do you like naughty talk or naughty watch?

Few tips to help you when meeting a guy:-

  • Deep and random, funny and flirty questioning will possibly open the door to more intimate discussion. To make any guy at ease, it’s good to make him laugh. He will be relaxed and become comfortable with you. When you boost his mood, it is most likely that he associates good feelings with you. 
  • A heavy conversation is not advisable on the first date. Resist the temptation to ask a guy about his past relationship, what his ex-like is, and his favorite porn. Keep it casual funny and light. 
  • Compliments lead to intimating. But make sure every guy is different and thinks differently. So pick only those that you really want to compliment.

Ask him in a way that he loves to fall with you. Make sure, he doesn’t think like you. The stuff that is important to you may be not important to him. So get it done by picking the right stuff to ask.

If you want us to cover more questions on any particular conversation starter topic let us know in the comment section and we will do it for you.

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