How to Get Rid of Postpartum Vaginal Odor – Detailed Post

By nature, every part of the human body is designed to work in a certain way.

When it comes to woman, her body is designed to carry even more tasks than that of a man. She has more complicated internals as she is the bearer of life.

How to get rid of Postpartum Vaginal odor

Because a woman does the job second only to nature regarding greatness, her body is made differently. She is designed to sustain life, and thus more complicated internal organs.

“Postpartum” is the period post childbirth. After nine long months of gestation, the body of a woman transforms dramatically. After she has given birth to her child, her body enters into another phase, which is postpartum.

Experiencing different complications after childbirth or in the postpartum period is not very uncommon. Most women face some of the other issues related to her sex organs during that period.

One of the organs of a woman’s body which is most associated with childbirth, in case she gives birth is typically the vagina and the uterus.

Vagina plays a very vital role in childbirth, and the uterus is childbearing. Both these organs perform jointly to recreate life.

Therefore, when these organs are responsible for a task as great as creating life, the presence of specific complications is mere concerning the greatness of their functions.

The postpartum vaginal odor is one such complication that many women face if she had given birth vaginally (in most cases) and sometimes due to other related issues.

This blog will dive deeper into the issue, will raise questions and concerns and provide the possible solutions to deal with Postpartum Vaginal Odor. So keep reading.

How to Get Rid of Postpartum Vaginal Odor

It is undeniable that childbirth is a very exhausting process. But motherhood is a bliss!
Whatever; due to the stress that childbearing and childbirth gives to the female sex organs like the uterus and vagina, exposure to specific problems like odor is somewhat imminent.

Presence of a certain amount of odor is quite natural, but if the smell becomes unprecedented, and couple with other issues like unusual discharges, irritation, and itchiness; then you might wish to see your healthcare practitioner.

Understanding the matter in depth will allow you to take your own decisions, that whether or not, you need to consult your healthcare practitioner.

Postpartum Vaginal Odor Causes

As mentioned by the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the odor changes its course, in the female body with the passage of time.

More precisely, the odor is related to the monthly menstrual periods, the type of food she consumes, the presence of external factors like bacteria, and other hormone related issues.

The most straightforward and straightforward rationale behind smell from the vagina is because it is exposed to various secretion and those discharges handle the way it smells.

However, do not be embarrassed at all. It is natural for a vagina to smell differently at a different period.

The smell may vary from musty to metallic and even ‘Fishy.’

As forwarded by the American Congress of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (ACOG); these below are the prime reason for vaginal odor.

  • Lack of proper hygiene
  • Infection due to yeast
  • Bacterial vaginosis
  • Retained or lodged tampon
  • PID ( Pelvic Inflammatory Disease)
  • Rectovaginal Fistula
  • Vaginal or Cervical cancer

The American Pregnancy Association, states, that it is common for moms-to-be facing problems related to odors.

That problem may even get worse following the childbirth as the body enters a phase while it starts to clean the uterus of unwanted fluids (blood and tissue) that have accumulated in the course of childbearing.

Mother’s have noted that such odor occurs as a result of Ischia and that the problem can persist even after.

Postpartum Vaginal Odor Remedies

These are the few tips and methods you should keep in mind once you feel you have an excess smell.

1. Maintain Good Hygiene

maintain good hygeine

This is a must step, even if you do not smell down there. The vagina is prone to bacterial growth, and that can be a cause for its unpleasant odors.

Therefore maintaining good hygiene saves you significantly. Use mild pH balanced wash that is available for intimate areas.

Do not opt for harsh and scented washes and soaps as they disturb the natural pH balance of the area.

2. Deodorise Exteriorly

You dare not insert any deodorants in the internal areas. This can lead to more significant complications. Always deodorize exteriorly. Use external deodorants to avoid any more significant complications.

3. Choose Innerwear Wisely

Innerwear is a very vital factor for your intimate areas. Which kind of panty do you wear?

Choose Innerwear Wisely

If you are mostly into polyester and mixed-fabric types, we recommend you to discard it soon as possible.

The best fabric you could think of for your intimate areas is undoubtedly cotton. Cotton is 100% breathable and does a great job in keeping your private areas clean and dry.

4. Apply Essential Oils

Essential oils form a vital part of the natural cure. They are infused with some healing properties which are beneficial for your intimate areas as well.

Although not backed by reliable scientific support yet it is proven that an essential oil called tea tree oil tends to cure vaginal odor.

Tea Tree Essential oil

Tea tree Essential oil has natural antimicrobial, antibacterial and antifungal properties which are suitable for the areas down there.

But make sure you do not apply directly tea tree Essential oil instead diluted with a lot of water and applied it in the outer parts of the vagina.

Lavender Essential oil is another potential one, it not only does comes with a relaxing and sweet smell but also helps reduce odor to a great extent.

Apart from reducing the smell, it also works wonder on bacterial vaginosis due to its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Mix 10 drops of lavender essential oil and witch hazel in a glass of water. Use the magic solution same as an after shower wash down there. Use repeatedly to get results.

5. Vinegar Soak

Sudden hot water exposure to your intimate areas can upset its PH balance.

Apple Cider Vinegar bath

Mix one or two cups of Apple Cider Vinegar in a hot bath and let your adjacent regions soak to get rid of bacteria naturally.

Just mix apple cider vinegar and soak your intimate areas.

Understanding postpartum vaginal odor problem; When is the right time to take an appropriate step?

There are a variety of reasons why it smells down there in the postpartum period.

Understanding postpartum vaginal odor

Apart from the obvious reasons mentioned in the blog above, the smell can be a reason for another underlying disease. That needs to be detected.

For example, in some instances, if your vagina seems to smell stronger than usual, then you should not waste any time.

Similarly, a ‘fishy smell’ ( as mentioned above) should also not be neglected. Apart from certain discharges, others are normal.

The moment you see that the order is coupling up with other symptoms you have to visit a doctor without wasting any time.

At some point of time, every for every ladies, odor from the intimate areas is quite familiar, but it should not be unprecedented, and as mentioned above if it goes out of concerned limit you have to show concern to the problem.

Tips to Prevent Postpartum Vaginal Odor in Future

Lots of possible cures are available to deal with Postpartum Vaginal Odor but “Prevention is better than cure.” We here are giving solutions that will prevent odor from future.

These are the few remedies you can try to prevent a further problem.

1. Say no to Artificially Scented Products

maintain vagina ph

Your vagina maintained for particular pH balance naturally.

But when you use artificial products that are sweetly scented like few intimate washes and scented tampons, you disrupt the natural balance.

2. Be Cautious in Choosing your Lovemaking Partner

It’s not a cliche. There is valid reason backing the suggestion.

choose lovemaking partner wisely

By limiting the number of partners, you cut down chances of Bacterial vaginosis (BV), which is one of the leading cause of “Fishy smell” down there.

3. Take Probiotics

Take Probiotics

You can include more probiotics in your food. They help you to maintain a proper pH balance in down there. Probiotic-rich food is yogurt among multiple others.

4. Drink Plenty of Water

drink lots of water

Water is the miracle fluid of the planet. It is the reason why you exist. So automatically you can drink more water, and you can expect to see results. It will improve the overall vaginal health.

5. Choose Menstrual Hygiene Products Carefully

Choosing your menstrual hygiene product is a crucial factor for overall vaginal health.

Choose Menstrual Hygiene Products Carefully

You can opt for an internal product like menstrual cups than using any reusable product like tampons and pads as they tend to remain moist contributing to further bacterial growth.

6. Clothing; the Overlooked Culprit

avoid tight innerwear

There will be hardly anybody who would care for wearing clothing appropriate for vaginal health

Wearing tight innerwear and shapewear can affect the way your V part smells. Instead, consider any breathable fabric like cotton so that excess moisture is expelled and down there remains fresh.

7. Diet; Another Unknown Culprit

You may not know, but it is true that your diet habits contribute to the way it smells down there.

maintain healthy diet

For example, too much sugary food can increase chances of yeast infection, thereby causing the smell.

Other foods like onion and garlic and similar pungent smelling foods, can trigger smell from the vagina. They change the sweat smell and thus the overall smell from the vagina.

Although, scientific research is next to nil, claiming the effect of food in the way vagina smell foods like pear, watermelon, and other sweet-smelling foods can help.

Summing it all up

Now that you know, what can be the possible causes and when to go for medical treatments, after reading this blog.

Previous studies state that most of the time that a certain amount of smell is very natural, but sometimes if the smell becomes abnormal or unprecedented ( high) then you would need more insight and treatment.

Drink plenty of water, avoid too much smelly food like onion and garlic, consume a healthy diet, exercise regularly, practice safe sex and have mental strength; all these naturally will keep you in perfect condition, and you will automatically be fresh down there.

We hope you find this blog on how to get rid of Postpartum Vaginal Odor useful? We would love to read your thoughts in the comments.

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