25+ Things You can Do When you Miss Someone Really Bad

What to do when you miss someone.

Missing someone is your heart’s way of reminding you that you love them. We all felt that
common feeling of missing someone dear to us. When you start falling for someone, you want to
be around them as much as possible and it’s natural that you miss them when you are apart.

But, this feeling of missing someone is not necessarily loved. It just may be the first signs of
having a crush on someone, an attraction, lust, or just pure infatuation and it is ok to miss a
person, a moment, a smile, or a glance. It is ok to miss the sound of a person’s voice and it is
ok to miss their touch.

There are both physical and mental health effects created when you miss someone.

Let’s find out what to do when you miss someone you love.

what to do when you miss loved one

Take care of yourself:

Taking care of yourself should always be your priority when you miss someone. Keep yourself occupied with interesting activities. Follow healthy habits, such as good sleep every night, eating healthy foods, spend some time outside with nature it makes your mood happy.

Indulge in some hobbies and start doing them on a regular basis, it lifts your self-esteem and gives you the least time to miss them.

Express your emotions:

When you miss someone and you are trying to keep yourself busy or entertained and it’s not working in the way you wanted, then it’s time to truly address your feelings. Your emotions can be thrown all out of whack. A good starting point is to write out how you’re feeling; you can also try talking to your friends or family members about your feelings too.

If all this isn’t working then talking to a professional is another great route.

Make new connections:

One of the best ways to make yourself busy to avoid the feeling when you miss someone is to start making new connections and sometimes it is ok to do so. Just go out make some new friends and form some new relationships. The more people you know, the less likely you are to feel lonely.

It creates a lot more opportunities to find things to do with people and keep yourself relaxed.

Avoiding staying home at all times:

The worst way to deal with missing someone is choosing to cut yourself off from outdoor activities. There are high chances that sitting at home all the time is going to make you miss that person even more. Therefore it is important to go out, just be in touch with people around you.

Go to the gym. Resume your workout routine and if you don’t have one, plan on having one.

Pursue the passion you’ve left back long ago:

While missing someone just start the old passion you have, if you are a reader, start reading a new book. Make a list of the writings you have been planning to read and start reading them without any further delay. Likewise, any other old passion or hobby you left, you can start.

You can also distract yourself by trying new hobbies like pottery, horse riding, or any other.

Just ring your genuine friend:

When you miss someone, you are actually missing your old self. To overcome this just ring a friend who understands you and will always be there for you. Let the chat be about your school or college life. About a silly joke on which you both still laugh after years of cracking it.

Once you start talking normally to your friend, you’ll find your old self once again.

Read before you sleep:

Make a habit to read at least one page before going to sleep, whether it is a magazine page, book page, story page, or any other. Just make it your habit. Repeat this daily, this one is also a powerful tool to keep yourself busy.

Feeding thoughts through reading to the brain helps in getting good sleep and no sinking feel at midnight.

Be in the moment:

It’s mostly because be in the moment has become such a cliche. Even though we all know it’s good advice, it can sound a little conceited to tell people that they should just stay in the present when they’re going through emotional turmoil.

So always live in the moment and be happy.

Lift your mood with food:

Investing in healthy food significantly affects your mood. Dark chocolates, bananas, fermented foods, fatty fish, and much more mood-boosting options you can opt to keep your spirit high when you feel the sigh.

Mood-boosting foods work well when included in lifestyle with other healthy habits like gym and sound sleep.

Above mentioned tips will definitely help you to stay sane while your emotions are hard to manage as deep yearning for someone cringes who is no longer with you. But the cure for missing anyone is deeply related to different scenarios. Here are a few:

What to do when you miss someone lives far away:

What to do when you miss someone who lives far away

Hangout virtually:

To keep things fresh and interesting try new ways to enjoy virtual hangouts, rather than just having one-to-one chats. Virtual hangouts are the best way to spend time with each other at a distance. These include playing a game together online, video chatting, streaming a movie together, having a video chat date night, and so on.

All of which will help you fight off the feeling of missing someone and keep you excited for the next virtual meetup.

Plan a visit:

Plan visiting each other so you both have something to look forward to and keep the love spark alive. The long-distance relationship works well, you just need to foster trust and positive emotions in it. Maintain frequent communications and make sure to resolve all the fights small or big.

Surprise visits are more fun but planned visits help a lot to not miss the person and look forward to the meets-ups.

Exchange personal objects as a gift:

Holding a pendant or keychain gifted by your loved one really helps you when you miss them. We humans attach feelings to physical things. When he /she is not available to chat or connect with you use the power of memento.

Write down your feeling about that moment and share them with your partner later. Such gestures sweeten the LDR.

What to do when you miss someone but can’t talk to them:

what to do when you miss someone but can't talk

Acceptance is bliss:

Ease the ache of missing your loved one with the grieve. Initially let your emotions flow and allow yourself to feel the sorrow. A good cry, feeling low, eating less, listing to sad music, or sitting alone is totally fine.

Bottling up the emotion will not help so let them flow to feel the pain, just make sure you have to give yourself allotted time for this process.

Me Time Activities:

Plan your day ahead. Pursue a hobby, meet friends, socialize more, hit the gym, take meditation classes, go shopping or learn new skills. It is a good time to find yourself once again. Indulge in such activities which you left long ago for any reason but you enjoy doing earlier.

Remind the good time of your life with them or without. Invest money and time both to pamper yourself.

Ask The Expert:

Most people keep this as the last option to reach out to a professional to help them but I suggest you do it ASAP. Why bear uncomfortable emotions, sadness, or regret? An expert can help you in the initial stage and guide you best about what to do when you miss someone but can’t talk.

A counselor helps you with an accurate solution for your unique situation of missing someone.

What to do when you miss someone who died:

What to do when you miss someone who died

It’s really hard to deal with when you missing someone who no longer exists but time will help to relieve the grieve. I am really sorry for your loss! I feel the pain you going through as I have also lost someone very dear to me. Here are few tips that helped me to stay sane in that time.

Pen Down Your Feelings:

Full day sinking feel and few hours crying followed with headaches and insomnia get reduced to four or five pages writing. Letting out your thoughts on paper daily helps to feel light at the moment. Make sure to add good memories with that person in your journal.

Write it all whatever you feel, in your own style maybe poetry, songs, letters, or narration form. You can burn these write up or keep them. Follow your instincts!

Resolve the conflict within:

Most of the time people hold themselves when life getting on track just cuz they feel guilt, it’s too early to get things to normalize. Be kind to yourself! Do not feel culpability if you find yourself getting normal after the loss of a dear one sooner or later. It’s life and we all have to move on in it.

Process the feeling of missing someone in some way talk to friends, visit their favorite places, create a memorial, and cherish life.

Track your mental & physical health:

Embracing self-care is the key to lessening the pain of missing someone. Play some uplifting music, go for a walk, maintain healthy eating habits. Get a routine and try following it though you feel not much enthusiasm for it. Once you start doing a task without will too, it will divert your mind throughout the process.

Reach out to a counselor to learn the strategies to help you cope with the physical, emotional, and psychological pain.

What to do when you miss someone Toxic:

What to do when you miss someone Toxic

Either it’s a toxic friend or a toxic Ex; you just need to accept the reality and take practical steps to cope with the situation. Do not wait for a closer or apology, realization of truth is enough to cut the cords.

Measure the toxicity:

Jot down the negativity they brought in your life the loneliness and desperate state. The stress, confusion, unpleasant moments, dishonesty, disrespect, less support, bad finances and controlling behavior, mental or physical harassment. You got habitual of that person for a long and with time and effort, you will overcome this situation.

You do not miss that person but the happier part of your relationship with them. Keep reminding yourself you deserve better.

Clear up the confusion:

You miss the person and happy memories with them but it doesn’t mean you want them back in your life. The situation could get worse if you allow a toxic person to stay in life who makes you feel inadequate and undeserving. Educate yourself regarding toxic relationships & narcissist relationships and their possible effects in long term.

You exist before meeting them and will thrive again. Just be consious of how they made you feel helpless, worthless & Hopeless.

Time to shift the Focus:

They already made you suffer during the relationship and now to put your time energy & efforts to forget them. You got one life and it’s high time to focus on yourself. Get on a dating app, try new hobbies, indulge in “me time activities”, pamper yourself.

Here we have listed 20 Different but New Hobbies to Try for you, prioritize yourself and you will be amazed to find a new you.

What to do when you miss someone who doesn’t miss you:

What to do when you miss someone who doesn't miss you

After all of your efforts, they still decided to leave you heartbroken and moved on in life but you are the one who is still missing them. Remember he/she was just a part of your life and there is a lot more to look forward to in life.

Stay busy with new activities:

It’s hard not to miss them while doing regular activities you used to do with them, so pick new activities which you have never tried before. This will automatically shift your focus completly for some time. Learning a new skill boosts your self-esteem as well.

Enroll yourself in hobby classes; visiting new places and meeting new people will feed your brain with new thoughts.

Reveal the feel of the moment:

You feel horrible talk to someone who can lend a shoulder to lean. You started feeling ok, better, or fine; write it down. You feel good, great, wonderful acknowledge it and make a plan to be with some friends or maybe go shopping. Indulge in an activity you like.

Here the trick is to stay in the moment and accept what you feel. Using the happy mood to create cherished moments speeds up your healing process.

Manage your day and nights:

Plan your day in advance. Add activities that provide the greatest returns so that you have something to look forward to. Stick to your daily schedule and link up few activities with others so that you stay in touch with the outer world.

Time management effectively reduces negative emotions like anxiety or depression, it also helps in improving sleep quality.


This pain is really hard to go through when you miss someone you loved, so the best is to heal it with the above-mentioned tips. Live in the moment and stay at peace, it helps you to feel complete in yourself.

What actually one misses about loved ones is the experience they had together like support, situations, sensual feelings, emotional states; so getting into new habits and following a new routine is the best way to handle the situation.

Keep working to stay strong and reconcile the pain of missing someone. Let us know if you get through it with any of the above-mentioned ways or if you have tried something unique. We would love to hear from you.

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