5 Ideas about Dresses to wear on Funeral

A funeral is a time to give a final farewell to the deceased. Your outfit reflects your gratitude towards the one who left the world and your sympathy towards the family member. In simple words, your funeral outfit reveals your inner feeling for that day.

It is quite hard as well as very sensible to consider something as clothing at a time and putting a little thought into what to wear communicates your love and respected relation with the deceased.

There are lots of talks going on about funeral attire. But put it simply, if there is no
dress code, then go for casual but make sure not to give any extraordinary look.
Keep it simple and chic.

What to Wear on Funeral

With a heartache atmosphere all around, extra caution is a must so that you don’t look flashy. If you are in a dilemma about which outfit you should carry, we are here to give you hands-on detail of the complete outfit.

Depending on the place of the funeral it could be Church, Beach, or at home. Here you will get a lot more simple and inspiring outfits to be worn.

Simple Funeral Attire for Women

There is no hard and fast dress code for anyone’s funeral, but the wearing should be conservative. It is not necessary to wear black only. A sensible pick of subtle colors like charcoal gray, navy blue, or brown sandstone is good enough to wear.

It is best if you choose your attire with a higher neckline that hits just above the knee. Wearing heels or flats will go all perfect with a Knee-length short dress. 

A long, sleeveless or half sleeves maxi kind outfit is comfortable to wear on the funeral of hot summer days. Pick out the one with a halter neck so that your cleavage should be covered. Simple low heels sandals will go perfect with this.

Every color represents a different ceremony and the fact you are picking an appropriate dress for a funeral, it is best if you dress up in conservative colors. Bright floral colors like bluish, tangerine, cherry, or wild printed outfits may not look appropriate for the funeral ceremony. 

So your bright color, the tight skinny, sexy outfit will be for another live event.

Depending on the faith and the formality of the family who lost their loved one, your clothing should be more or less familiar to that. If not sure about What do you wear to a funeral, ask someone what to wear. It shows a sign of respect to dress well.

Funeral outfit and Colors to Be worn

The most important thing while dressing for a funeral, is dressing in a respectful manner. Dress in a way that shows the religion of the service and a tribute to the deceased. From not knowing what is appropriate to wear to whether or not to wear
this and that. Below we try to answer a few of them:

Long Black Dress

Long Black Dress for funeral

Among all the somber colors opted on funerals, black is traditionally worn for years. You can carry a long maxi dress or casual business outfit in black to attend the ceremony. Opt for polished stone black color brooches or rings with your dress. Casual mid-heel sandals suit the best and make you feel comfortable all day long.

Deep Blue Blouse with Black Skirt

Deep blue counters hope. As mourning does not just include sadness or weeping but also hope. Twin deep blue blouse with a black skirt. Simple studded stone earrings go best with this attire. Wear ankle boots with little heels to make yourself comfortable all day long.

Go Purple with Knee Length Outfit  

Purple Knee Length Dress

The purple color symbolizes spirituality. The color also personifies accomplishment and respect. Get an effortless look with a knee-length purple dress with a V neck that doesn’t show too much of your cleavage. A white or purple color bead necklace complements your dress. Pairing it with booties adds a blister to your look.

3 Piece Dark Gray Suit

Dark gray and browny shades are highly appropriate to be worn at funeral service. Pair dark gray pull-on pants with simple white or black inner and jacket that hit at the waist give an elegant coverage. Wear flat booties with this casual. Silver accessories go perfect with dark gray attire. Wear elegant accessories with this color.

Flared Lime Green Dress

Tips on What to Wear on Funeral

Lime green is a cool soothing color with nature. It indicates renewal or rebirth. Lime green colored flared dress made a great statement while pairing it with a light blue pendant. Ballet flats go perfect with this outfit.

Natural-looking Makeup

As you are going to condole the family of the departed soul, when it comes to funeral makeup, less is always more. You don’t want to call attention to the people present there.

So the best makeup tip is to choose a long-lasting foundation that prevents streaking from tears and removing the foundation accidentally. 

Try a thin layer of light blush. This will give a soft texture for a more natural look. Leave Face powder to set your makeup. Tears will cause it to cake and streak.

Your eye makeup should be neutral. Choose a neutral matte color to blend easily. Eyeshadows should be of a faint color that can just give you the right tint light color eyeshadows like brown, copen blue, and other light shades.

Heels for Funeral 

You can take a relaxed approach to attire with different shades of white, creamy, navy blue. However, rules on footwear should be strict so that you can be comfortable all day long. Opt for a conservative closed-toed shoe or loafers.

heels to wear on funeral

If you want to pair your dress with sandals, make sure wearing them makes you feel comfortable till the end of the day. Preference should be given to small heels or wedges instead of high-heel sandals.

Wear breathable shoes if attending a funeral in the summers. This will comfort you all day long. The ankle strap fat is best on feet in sweaty summer funerals. The only footwear that you should not put on is flip flop or sneakers that are too casual and often loud.

What to take in your Classic handbag

Carrying a bag filled with the items related to that day only makes you feel prepared and also helping those around you. Packing bag with certain items like tissues, water bottle, a card for sympathy, painkiller to give some relief for headaches, leg cramps, body aches, umbrella, makeup wipes, and handheld mirror help you to dispel the stress and give you quick relief.

Classic handbags for funeral

As no one can bear the pain of losing someone but having these items in your handbag make the funeral as easy as possible. Your handbag should be understated and tasteful. Prefer carrying black or dark brown, colorful or crystal embellishment should not be taken.

Accessories that match with your funeral Attire.

Funerals may have different etiquettes to dress up depending on cultural and traditional background. Some traditions won’t permit mourners to wear jewelry except a wedding ring. 

Accessories that match with your funeral Attire.

If you have dressed up and felt something missing, wear an elegant or subtle piece of jewelry. Pearls, small sterling of any metal is also a good choice until it creates distractions. If the departed loved animals, a subtle pair of animal-printed earrings would be good for the memory of that person.

Jewelry that symbolizes religious faith like a cross would be appropriate to tribute last respect. Wear Hats and gloves to give a classic look after all you don’t want to look glamorous.

Don’t overdo, you should be respectful to the situation and not there to seek attention.

Things to taken care of while attending Funeral 

Things to taken care of while attending Funeral


Greet the family of the deceased. When you greet people, don’t go for lengthy conversations. However, having a long conversation with anyone is also fine but make sure other people are also there to meet and condole the family of the deceased.

Sit in an Appropriate area

Sit in the exact area. As the first two rows are designated to the friends or family, if you are not getting space there, sit somewhere else, but make sure the area has enough space to move around for other people.

Give proper respect to the religious elements

Every religion has a deep religious belief that can be associated with the recitation of different prayers. Hymns are sung and prayers are given. 

If you are not aware of religious rituals, do not need to worry. All you just need is to be respectful and quiet during the whole ritual.

Give all your support 

As the bereaved family also gets support from other friends and family members. You can also show your emotions and love by checking them from time to time and wishing them on all occasions. A simple card will boost them emotionally and give them a feeling that they are not alone.

Charity at Funerals

It is acceptable to donate some charity instead of flowers or gifts. This small amount can raise a large sum for a brilliant cause. Donate as much you can afford.

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