13 Girls Outfit Ideas for Running to feel Comfortable & Look Good!

In today’s hectic life, everyone wants to manage a healthy lifestyle. Some take it seriously to fit into a healthy way of living, on the other hand, some take it as fun. According to a study, women did better efforts than men to maintain the lifestyle in a good way. Running is one of the trendy courses of action nowadays. And, where it comes to women, they want to look classy and trendy even while running.

Outfit Ideas for running
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Here comes a question! What should wear for running? Hankering for a classy way to style yourself for running! Don’t sweat anymore. We come up with many different options for women. The main point should keep in mind at the time of choosing clothes. The clothes should look trendy as well as comfortable so that they can run easily and look impressive at the same time.

Shopping for new clothes is always fun for women. But, don’t waste your money buying a lemon. Shop around before choosing your active clothes. Before finalizing your active clothes, give them a try, So that you can determine whether the clothes are up to your expectations or not.

Outfits for running differ from season to season. You can’t wear a summer outfit in winter and a winter outfit in summer. So, you have to choose the clothes as per the prospective season.

To wear the right outfit while moving out for a run is a must. Selection of the clothes in obedience to all the seasons is the prominent crux of the matter. Each woman has a different aspect of fondness and necessity. Every woman has her own comfort level in which she wants a good option. Looking for some excellent concepts to dress up for running!  Don’t panic, we are here to hit the shot.

What to wear for Running in Summer

“No year has two summers” and it’s a wonderful time for running. There are clear blue skies, warm temperature, and nature. These all inspire us to go for a walk. Although the daytime is quite hot you can enjoy a morning or evening run with a bit of breezy air. According to a psychological aspect when the surroundings construct a pleasing domain, the benefits of running become more intensified. First, when the summer hits, don’t push yourself for too much running.

Take it lightly; your body adapts to the climate in few days. Don’t forget to hydrate your body, so keep a water bottle with you while go running. Now here comes the outfits for running in hot. We should choose lightweight clothes that are made up of synthetic fabric. This fabric helps to transfer the sweat to the top layer and dries it out quickly. You can consider the options written below.

Sports Bra for Running

Sports Bra for Running
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First of all, you need to buy a good supportive sports bra to run. Opt for a high-impact sports bra that doesn’t allow the sweat to rack up at the band. A good sports bra keeps your breast at the place while running and averts from sagging. This helps to keep the breasts in shape.

Tank Tops for Running

Tank Top for Running
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Don’t do too much layering in the summers. This makes you feel overheated. The trend of tank tops has never gone. Wearing a tank top always looks classy. This is the most comfortable and floated top of all. Never choose a cotton fabric that absorbs the sweat and becomes wet. Always try to choose nylon or thin synthetic fabric that helps you for running by its quick-dry feature. You can pair it up with shorts, Capri, or leggings.


Tees for Running
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If you are not a tank top or sports bra person, you can opt for some nice light t-shirts. Again “no cotton” rule is there. Go for a light color t-shirt that helps you to keep your body cool. Shop thin synthetic fabric tees that don’t allow the sweat to absorb in the lower layer.

Crop Tops for Running

Crop Top For Running
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In present times, crop tops are become popular and look upmarket. In the same manner, choose the fabric wisely. Always remember ordinary crop tops are not made for running. Shop around before finalizing your running crop top. You can unite it with nice shorts, Capri, leggings.

Shorts for Running

Breathable shorts with pockets for running
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Not all shorts are made for running. Few key features should be considered during the selection of your running shorts. Shorts should be ventilated so that you can breathe properly during the run. You can choose spandex shorts. These minimize the chances of chaffing. You can consider longer compression shorts underneath so that you will not have to face soreness. Nowadays, SPF-rated fabrics are within easy reach. True that, if you are sluggish to apply sunscreen, this is the prominent option. Opt for shorts with zipping pockets so that you can keep your cell phone, cards, keys, etc. You can match it up with tank tops.  The combination of dark and light colors is the eyes captivating. Black sports shorts with a white tank top can be an ideal match. Light-colored tops are fewer rays captivators. This makes the perfect running outfit for on the go.

Skirts For Running

Lightweight running skirt with pockets
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Presently, Skirts have become a trendy fashion for running. Skirts for running are available with attached briefs and has side pockets on each side so you can store the essentials.

Capri’s for Running

Capris Tights for Running
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If you are not a shorts type girl, go for a Capri and sports bra (if you can wear it). If you cannot wear a sports bra in your surroundings, go for a sleeveless top, crop top, or well-fitted tees. These help you to keep cool even while running.

Leggings for Running

Tights Leggings for Running
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You can wear fine leggings or tights for running. Make sure to pick the correct size for yourself – not be too tight or too loose. Unfitted clothes can cause friction and lead you to chaff. Unsupportive waistbands can be irritating and excruciating. If summer strikes, pick out a pair of thin leggings with a vest or crop top, or tees. Here you are ready to go out with leggings look.

Track pants for Running

Track Pants for Running
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Track Pants are also a good choice for running. There are many types of dry-fit pants available in the market. Nylon or Polyester are popular fabrics in running wear due to their qualities like sweat-wicking, breathable, and super stretchy, durable, lightweight, and non-absorbent. You can plump up according to your preferences and expectations. You can match Track Pants with tees or crop tops.

Running Caps

Caps for Running
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In summers, the sun rays are very strong which can be dangerous to the eyes. That’s why a cap is very beneficial to keep the harmful rays away from the eyes.

What to wear for Running in Winter:

Rising up from the bed in winters is like a task itself. And if we talk about running in drop temperature, it’s like a dodged bullet. To decide what to wear for running is a hard part in cold weather. There is no matter what the temperature is, but the innermost layer should be moisture wicking. We have tried to think up and write up the best options for running in winters so that we can outline a picture with the best and comfortable options for winter fashion for running.

Full sleeve T-shirts for Running:

Full Sleeve T-Shirt for Running in winters
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First of all check the temperature outside, if there is not too cold in that situation you can wear a full sleeve t-shirt with slightly warm shorts, Capri or leggings. And you are all set to go for a run.

Sweatshirt For Running

Sweatshirt for Running in Winters
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A mild winter knocks on the door! The desire for running! Oh, what to wear! No need to worry much. Pick a bit warm sweatshirt with or without zip it’s up to you, but according to the running rules costume with zipping feels better than one with no zip, as it helps to adjust the zip according to the body temperature. Pair it up with your favorite pair of track pants, Capri, or leggings. Here, you are ready to flaunt even while running.

Warmers For Running in Winters

Warmer for Running in winters
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If the temperature falls a bit then to the mild winter, you can put on a warmer as a second layer to keep your body warm and the rest clothes will be the same.

Lightly Padded Jackets

Lightly padded Jacket for Winters
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When you feel cool outside, you can layer up. Add on a lightly padded jacket above your shirt/t-shirt. These should be the topmost layers that don’t allow the wind and moisture to pass.

Warm leggings for Running

Warm Leggings for Running in Winters
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Winter here, It’s time to replace your ordinary leggings with good quality warm leggings. For running, check you opt for fleece leggings that feature a gusset crotch. There should be a triangular piece of fabric added in the crotch that avoid leggings from riding up or bunching. Bear in mind that leggings should be moisture-wicking as well as a temperature regulator.

Apart from that, if it is too cold outside, you can try these too:

Cold Weather Running Gear
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  • You can put on a warm hat/cap or dryfit beanie made up of fleece or other warm fabric. Pick one with double-locked, breathable and  wicks moisture.
  • Pick a pair of gloves exclusively designed for running with feature like non-slip grip, touchscreen-friendly and repel water.
  • Invest in pair of warm socks which has dual Layer Moisture Removal System and provide ample protection and insulation for cold weather running

Layering for Running

Layering for Running
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Keeping the heat in mind, light clothes are more than enough. Put on moisture-wicking cloth as an innermost layer and then your top layer. You are good to go for a sweaty run. Layering plays a crucial role in winters. The fabric of your first layer should be quick drying. Then wear a warmer to keep your body warm. Continue with your favorite tees or sweat. And, if it is very cold outside put a warm light padded jacket as a top layer. This type of layering will guard you against cold weather.

Essential for Running

Essentials for Running
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Shoes For Running

A prime aspect of running. Some several different expectations and preferences differ from person to person in regards to running shoes. Not everyone finds the ideal shoes at a one-shot. Visit a running or sports store and pick from lightweight race shoes, trail shoes, or road shoes. Try to get the video gait analysis done this helps you to get the perfect fit according to your foot shape, pronation, terrain, and personal preference.

Socks For Running

You can’t wear your regular cotton socks for running. These regular socks don’t allow the feet to breathe properly. Cotton socks soak up all the moisture that results in blisters. You need to wear socks that have the potential to move moisture, keep the feet warm, and resist odor. Performance socks have these all mentioned capabilities. These are made up of spandex, nylon, polyester fabric and offer an irritation-free run.


Although many brands offer a good range of SPF protective clothes for running, wearing good sunscreen is also required. Use at least 30 SPF of sunscreen that claims to protect you from both UVA and UVB rays. The sticky formulation is an ideal form to apply over the face that doesn’t allow the cream to run into the eyes. It is also important to use SPF for the body too.

Choosing perfect running apparel is totally your choice. Concerning the weather, we try to find some fantastic ideas that you can consider. Hope the above-mentioned ideas hit the shot for you. No doubt that every woman has a different personality and taste, so go for your best one. Never forget the rule of dressing up: always choose such clothes that are comfortable and look beautiful on you at the same time. Hope you liked the blog, so gals choose your clothes and get ready to run in style.

Let us know How you like to style yourself for running in the comment section.

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