13 Outfit Ideas to Wear to Pride Parade if You’re Straight

A pride parade is an outdoor event to honor the 1969 stonewalls riots (Manhattan). Every year
during the month of June LGBT & society and straight ally gather to support this event. As it is
the celebration of being alive, happy self-acceptance, courage, and achievements.

If you’re planning to be a part of this Pride Parade then one of the best ways to show your support is by making use of symbolic rainbow colors that represent the community no matter what you wear on the occasion. It could be a dress, accessory, or even you can temporarily put the symbolic hair color.

Best Pride outfit ideas

If you made up to this blog post, then it is highly possible that you’re definitely going to party of Pride parade but confused about what to wear, right? Don’t worry, we have got you covered.

Pride celebration is full of great enthusiasm and full vivacity. So keeping all this in mind, we decided to cover some ravishing outfits that will prepare you for this occasion, let’s start with the first idea in our list:

1. Tank Top Dress for Pride

Tank top for pride

These are sleeveless tops of waist-length or cropped. You can make it appropriate to pair with a maxi skirt, pencil skirt, flow skirt with skinny jeans, or high-waisted shorts. For summer these are trending hard. Purchase it at amazon https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0892G7M2Z

2. Ruffle with Buttons Dress for Pride


Ruffle dresses are the perfect summer trend to add volume to your style. You can pair this puffed sleeves dress with your favorite strappy sandals or lace-up stilettos. These dresses look good on all body shape and height. Purchase this dress at https://www.amazon.com/Happy-Sailed-Sleeves-Backless-Dresses/dp/B07TXVSG6Q

3. Jumpsuit

jump suit

Jumpsuits are head-to-toe one-piece garments and are always in trend. These are simple and elegant options to wear. These are perfect for hourglass body types. This outfit is all about you and your confidence. Purchase it at https://www.amazon.com/REORIA-Sleeveless-Striped-Playsuits-Jumpsuit/dp/B07SNHN964

4. Blazer Dress for Pride


If you want to have classy look with a blazer then there are some wonderful ideas you can opt for different patterns and then elevate your style with appropriate accessories. Purchase this vibrant color oversized lapel button blazer jacket at https://www.amazon.com/Sdencin-Sleeve-Oversized-Shoulder-Outerwear/dp/B099VZR7QH

5. T-Shirts

T-shirt  for pride

This is comfortable wear suitable for all age groups. Easy to pair with any type of jeans, leggings, jagging, shorts, and skirts. A T-shirt dress is a very casual idea for parade Day and the best thing about this is that you can also get it customized with your favorite slogans. Purchase this Rainbow Graphic Tees LGBTQ at amazon https://www.amazon.com/Letter-Rainbow-Graphic-Equality-Shirts/dp/B08S3CQ8KQ

6. Maxi Dress for Pride

maxi dress for pride

Maxi dresses are floor or ankle-length dresses. You can wear your maxi dress with a waist belt as
it is formal fitting at the top and loose flowing at the button. So with this dress waist belt is
enough to enhance your style. Purchase this colorful V-Neck Lantern Sleeve Maxi Dress at amazon https://www.amazon.com/VERWIN-Colorful-V-Neck-Patchwork-Lantern/dp/B07WW1N95Y

7. Midi dress for pride

Midi Dress for pride

Midis are longer than knees and shorter than full length. You can pair your midi dress with
heeled ankle boots or combat style. These are popular and stylish. Buy this Striped Tie Waist Short Sleeve Dresses at https://www.amazon.com/Summer-Fashion-Striped-Sleeve-Dresses/dp/B098N7QRSX

8. Rainbow outfits for Pride

Rainbow dress for Pride

Pride day outfit list is incomplete without rainbow dresses. So if you are in full mood to be part of a rainbow dress. Wearing rainbow dresses add colors to the occasion. Purchase this Tie Dye T-Shirt Dress at amazon https://www.amazon.com/Sofkiny-Womens-T-Shirt-Schoolgirl-Colorful/dp/B091YXSXDJ

9. Body con dress for Pride

Body-Con Dress for Pride

Body con simple means body-conscious. It is a light figure-hugging dress. This dress flow over
your natural curves. So show your curves rather than hiding and add some glamour to your look. Purchase this Casual Ribbed Ruched Tank Dress Scoop Neck Bodycon at amazon https://www.amazon.com/Qiuwon-Womens-Bodycon-Sleeveless-Dresses/dp/B08P8LB9D5

10. Slip dress for Pride

Slip dress for Pride

It looks like an undergarment but it is perfectly acceptable to wear on its own. It looks classy when you choose your style with unlimited possibilities of styling. Purchase this Spaghetti Strap Waist Tie Knot Wrap Front Ruffle Hem Short Dress at amazon https://www.amazon.com/Relipop-Womens-Dress-Spaghetti-Ruffle/dp/B07VH499SD

11. Halter Crop Top and Shorts Set

 Halter Crop Top and Shorts Set

Create a sporty look in two pieces set of a crop top with a halter neck and shorts. It will keep you comfortable and cool during the long walks. Purchase this Halter Crop Top and Shorts Two 2 Piece at https://www.amazon.com/Wei-KYNM-Tie-Dye-Gradient-Halter/dp/B088PTLNSN

12. Rainbow Tights for pride

Rainbow Tights for pride

It is a “must buy” for pride supporters. High-waisted leggings provide you the ease to walk, run dance and stay unbothered about your attire. Pair it with any top of your preference. Get this Neon Retro Rainbow Tights for Women at https://www.amazon.com/Tipsy-Elves-TE-WP89S-Rainbow-Leggings/dp/B01J24EB36

13. Layered Rainbow Colorful Skirt

Layered Rainbow Colorful Skirt

Layered skirts look really cute and the rainbow color will add the vibe. Pair it with a single vibrant colored trim crop top. You can try these with leggings or without them, the choice is totally up to you. Purchase this Rainbow Tutu Skirt Layered at https://www.amazon.com/MisShow-Womens-Vintage-Layered-Underskirt/dp/B08TQNF3NF

Accessories for Pride

Choose accessories wisely. They should complement your style not distract from your dress. Anyone of any age can rock their favorite dress. If they want to, so here are some ideas:


You can choose a hat that protects your head as well as your pride. If it is with some slogan then it will be even better.

Fanny Pack or Waist bag

Pick a fanny bag of your choice and keep your hands free to have fun.


Celebrate life in colors, pride hair with rainbow, mermaid, or unicorn style.

Pins to proclaim your honor

When you don’t like being too dressed up, you can make yourself a part of this parade with just a pin when proclaiming your identity.

Rainbow Accessories

As it is a symbol of LGBTQ movements so wearing a rainbow accessory is an easy way to LGBTQ(be a part of the parade.)


Comfort should always come first in ease of footwear especially when you have to walk long hours

Bonus Tip – Straight person guide to pride:

  • As pride parade is not only for LGBTQ folks but straight/ally can also participate comparatively .
  • As this parade is full of enthusiasm, so you should pick Outfit and accessories that support these people.
  • You can choose your dress, your accessories, and your hairstyle in bright colors to add some fun.
  • It may be rainbow outfit, glittering clothes with slogans or with caked up make up.
  • Your style let them know that you have respect for them and you are their supporter.
  • So join this parade to celebrate and appreciate their culture.


Pride day parade is both party and protest. In this, you may have to walk for a very long time. So choose all your dresses, footwear, and accessories, all according to your comfort. So become part of Pride with Pride and have a lot of fun on this occasion.

Mrikula Shettyhttps://gangofshe.com
Mrikula Shetty, a woman as beautiful as her dreams, aspired to create a blog that would cover every topic surrounding the life of a woman.

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